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  1. Definitely contact them with the form, or please call: +1-855 867-5297 (inside the US) +001-949-333-4825 (outside the US). Be aware that since we are technically still in the pandemic, response time may be affected. Please let us know what you find out.
  2. Yes, you need to talk to customer service. As it is right now, you would not get the Apollo gift until you renewed again. (When you renewed a 2nd time last year, did you receive a 2nd copy of the Berlin DVD?) Use the Contact Us form here: https://www.u2.com/help and explain your situation.
  3. That is something you would have to discuss with customer service. I was only offering a possible solution to your situation if you had recently renewed.
  4. I’m not sure how you were able to renew for 2 years; but if you renewed before the Apollo gift announcement, then yes, you will need to renew again to receive the downloads/physical gift.
  5. When did you last renew? Please also log out, clear cache/cookies, and log back in. Also, try a different browser if possible.
  6. Happy Birthday to our favourite singer! May it be a beautiful day!
  7. It refers to the group you are in based on how long you have been a member. It’s mainly used during presales. Redhill = long term, continuous member. Wires = new member.
  8. From the help page: Q - When can I expect to receive the double-CD due to begin?A - Subscribers will start receiving the physical gift in July 2021.
  9. First 3 download tracks from the Apollo subscriber gift available on subscribers’ account page now. 

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      Thank you for the advice!! :)

  10. I have pinned it for you. But you may also want to consider other routes too. You may want to consider contacting Fathom Events. They tend to do re-releases of movies and host a lot of concert movies all over the country, but keep in mind that there are many theaters that have not reopened due to the pandemic yet. Another option might be one centralized location and look into renting the film at a movie theater.
  11. This may be of some interesting here. If you aren’t interested in the whole video, Bono does some reading at the 35 minute mark.
  12. Thanks to everyone that has joined us on the Virtual Tour. It’s been a great few weeks. Can’t wait until we can meet again. Take care and stay safe.
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