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  1. The black vinyl version is fine. Something to be aware of, though, is that the Side D is The Crystal Ballroom remix and it is 45rmp.
  2. There have been several people mention that their code was not updated when they renewed. I recommend using the Contact Us form here: https://www.u2.com/help again. They were able to get their new codes that way.
  3. I've already watched that 3 times. Man, that brings back some great memories from the late 80s/early 90s for me. ❤️ And reminds me how much I loved that documentary.
  4. Not yet. Keep checking back in. Updates will be added in the Zoo and the main page of U2.com as they become available.
  5. mich40

    U2 Vinyl

    No problem. I never completely gave up on vinyl, even when it was so hard to find during the beginning of digital popularity. It’s been so nice to see it make a comeback. Like you said, nothing beats the covers and the sound. I recommend if you haven’t already, picking up some of the coloured remastered vinyls of the U2 albums. They sound phenomenal!
  6. mich40

    U2 Vinyl

    You can check some of the well known stores' websites, like Amoeba Records and Newbury Comics. I believe I read recently that Tower Records is back as an online store again too.
  7. Please try the Contact Us page one more time, choosing this: Also, if you could pm me or @Max Tsukino your order number from when you renewed it.
  8. Hi. I’ve sent you a pm concerning the luggage tag.
  9. When you were a child, were you ever on a trampoline with a group of friends, all bouncing, but not in sync, so you’re having a great time but either trying to holding your footing while bouncing or holding on to each other to keep from falling? That’s what it was like for the first 3 shows. The beginning of the show was a powerhouse and we were all feeling it.
  10. Time to move the conversation on. The past is the past and nothing can change that. As for this year’s gift, it will be released when and how they see fit.
  11. Please see Monica's response, which I also quoted here, concerning UKshop orders. I have also sent you a pm.
  12. They have done that a few times now. It seems if it was already on their YouTube channel, it only gets the upgrade but not a “premiere”.
  13. U2X is doing a love song special for Valentine’s Day weekend. You can vote for your favorite U2 love songs from the link below: https://blog.siriusxm.com/vote-for-your-favorite-u2-love-songs-then-hear-the-countdown-valentines-day-weekend/?fbclid=IwAR2GlUFr0kGh0DineHCuWkIDSlExRnXF148JD9SCgA9UaTC94Qn6CLQa7mA
  14. Yes, it was one of his 60 songs/letters he did for his birthday last year. More on that can be found here: https://www.u2.com/news/title/60-letters-from-bono/
  15. That is something that you will find across the board for subscription radio channels. However, I recommend contacting SiriusXM directly to voice your concerns.
  16. My favorite song and video ever. I'm speechless! ❤️
  17. Please give it a little more time.
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