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  1. Totally agree. Plus, being a little off on the timing of a song in a concert and still being able to make a comment is doable. Dialogue in a movie or show, not so much.... Also....I hate talking during movies....
  2. I do have the new directors cut of Until the End of the World that I still haven’t sit down to watch. It’s only roughly 5 hours long....
  3. Wings of Desire isn’t exactly U2 related, but it is the prequel to Far Away, So Close and oh so good. I watched Million Dollar Hotel once....
  4. That and RocketMan for me. The 360 tour was the best and worst of times for me. LOVED all my shows I made it to and all the Zootops I got to hang out with in person; but my dad was battling lung cancer at the time and unfortunately lost his fight about a month after the tour ended. So lots of emotions wrapped up in there.
  5. I thought those other guys said “Time is a train that makes the future the past” 😝
  6. There was a little confusion this past Saturday, which prompted her asking. I actually messaged @Madfl3a this afternoon and told her that this her thing and to do what was most workable for her.
  7. I might head that way when I’m finished with my dinner. How was your cuppa?
  8. As we are nearing the end of the show, just wanted to say thank you to @Madfl3a for letting me choose the Chicago dvd for my birthday. This was the best party I could have asked for in these times.
  9. I'm very sorry. I've managed 3 and cry the ugly cry every time. This tour was one of them. It's kinda a special song to me.
  10. I'm going to have to listen to Atomic Bomb in its entirety after this.
  11. True story.....I only lurked in the Zoo until I saw my Vertigo shows. Then I just had to talk to people.
  12. If they did an Achtung Baby anniversary tour, I don't know how I would control myself.
  13. I have learned something very important during these viewings. It's not only actual shows where I start crying, but apparently when I am watching dvds/streams together with other U2 fans too.
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