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  1. It was lots of fun to have so many people together. I was doing the “bounce bounce” between threads. Glad everyone enjoyed it. Back to one thread next week. Can’t wait to see which one we will be pressing our own play button on.
  2. My hubby never promised me Bono singing at our wedding, but he did tell me he loved me for the first time after the ZooTV show at the Georgia Dome on September 25th, 1992.
  3. As we are coming to a close, just wanted to say thank you to everyone who joined us today. This is what community is. Stay safe and take care out there!
  4. "off with the horns and on with the show" ❤️ Back when Macphisto was playful and not so cynical....but age does that to you.
  5. the sound and the camera cuts in this version are just epic on this. Love the drums and bass on it so much.
  6. mich40

    Dublin 1993

    From the album: Zoo TV Y'all

    Picture from my scrapbook. Sitting outside the RDS on 28th August 1993, listening to the show that night because we only had tickets for the 27th show.
  7. mich40

    Dublin 1993

    From the album: Zoo TV Y'all

  8. Having to get out my rain gear for this one....currently hoping the weather doesn’t turn too bad here over the next couple of hours.
  9. Everyone who joined us here today made it special, including you. Thanks to @Madfl3a for pulling this together yet again this week. Stay safe this week, everyone!
  10. Moment of Surrender killed me in 2011. It's still hard for me to listen to without crying because of where my life was at the time.
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