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  1. I had too. I actually would have bought a copy of the Chicago one bc that was such an epic show for me....but the panda handfan 🤨. Remember pal40? She’s completely behind the purple one. 😂 #funnynotfunny We didn’t have those and neither did anyone around us. Maybe a ghost...😝
  2. Them, as in the stadium and the band...according to the paper sent around to us, telling us when and how we were moving into the concourse.
  3. I can’t believe you fell asleep watching U2! 😱😜 (actually I know someone who did that at a ZooTV show)
  4. Well that was easy...https://u2.fancam.com/20110705?s=main-scene&atv=6.639&ath=11.013&fov=14.393 Can you see you in the fan cam?
  5. I can, but the photo was stitched together weird or something. There’s a weird hand fan over my friend and part of me. I’ll have to see if I can locate it.
  6. It was dreadfully hot. I was in the group that got there really really early that day and they ended up putting us in the inside concourse around 11 or so, because they were worried about us being out in the heat.
  7. Desert Island Discs.... Very sad, indeed. Many many hours spent reading those too, Always keeping me up to date on the good music coming out across the ocean, and didn’t hurt that they were always quite keen on U2.
  8. We did in fact communicate with @Madfl3a this past weekend, and collectively came to the decision to close the thread. I’m not going to speak for her, but this is just as she wanted too. If you feel so strongly about a table of contents, feel free to create one and when it is ready, let us know and we can briefly open the thread for you to add it. As for renaming this thread, we will cross that bridge if/when it is needed.
  9. Obviously, I don’t know what show you were at for 360, but I’m assuming you are talking about 2011. Some of those shows were brutally hot. Welcome to the Zoo, by the way. 😀
  10. Just under 48 left...but if you haven't watched the stream of the Chicago show..Go! Watch it! You won't regret it.

  11. Thanks to everyone that has joined us today. You are what make these streams so special. Subscribers: if you want to take a little bathroom break and meet us over here for the documentary, see you in a few:
  12. When Adam and Edge switch places, you know something special is about to happen. ❤️
  13. Original of the Species is another one that I wish was make a comeback. And now, I'm crying again...
  14. I have never noticed before that he says "because of one man's f*$&ing lie" and I can't tell you how many times I've watched this.
  15. Yes he was, marching through my state, looking for justice and equality.
  16. ohhh....listen to the beginning of Love and Peace. Just got chills.
  17. Pardon me, while I turn my full attention to Miracle Drug. ❤️
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