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  1. I would think that would be the loudest thing heard in the womb. Somehow she ended up a daisy girl though.
  2. Remember my daughter story earlier in the thread....she came running downstairs to watch Sunday Bloody Sunday.
  3. Looking forward to getting elevated in just a little while. I saw both Atlanta dates on the Elevation tour, which were exactly 8 months apart, 30 March and 30 November. The show in November was my daughter’s “first” U2 show. Of course, she was still in utero. I specifically remember her getting really wiggly during Sunday Bloody Sunday. Interestingly enough, that is still one of her favourite U2 songs.
  4. That is one of my all time favorite shirts. That one and my “Every Artist is Cannibal” one. (Terrible photo because I’m too lazy to dig it out properly)
  5. Was just reading a bit about that. And apparently ZooTV was the first concerts there. I just rewatched the show and my friend was watching it too, which was kinda funny because that was totally unplanned. Anyway, she asked because it made her question how many people were behind us in November after seeing how many were on the ground at the ZooTV show. Since you were at both, I figured you’d be a good one to ask. 🙂 So, thank you.
  6. I know I welcomed you yesterday during the stream, but again, welcome to the Zoo. Glad you joined us.
  7. I just grabbed it out of the “retired” box. Boy, do I have T-shirt issues. lol I would love to still wear it but afraid to wash it anymore bc of the glitter. I also found my baseball cap. I might have to start wearing it again.
  8. Did you know that the One/Buffalo shirt they had at the eiTour merch stands was originally a glittery version of that on the ZooTV shows?
  9. It was lots of fun to have so many people together. I was doing the “bounce bounce” between threads. Glad everyone enjoyed it. Back to one thread next week. Can’t wait to see which one we will be pressing our own play button on.
  10. My hubby never promised me Bono singing at our wedding, but he did tell me he loved me for the first time after the ZooTV show at the Georgia Dome on September 25th, 1992.
  11. As we are coming to a close, just wanted to say thank you to everyone who joined us today. This is what community is. Stay safe and take care out there!
  12. "off with the horns and on with the show" ❤️ Back when Macphisto was playful and not so cynical....but age does that to you.
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