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  1. so, since there is no sound, let's talk about those dance moves Edge is doing in their latest post....
  2. We are diligently watching everything...if we see something, we will post it.
  3. Technology has spoiled us, but sometimes we have to hear "no" or silence, as it is. It has never been guaranteed, and it is what it is. As Max tweeted, the main thing is that the people who are there are having the time of their lives.
  4. I remember when @heshanp first came in the Zoo, buying tickets for his very first show ever. It has been fun watching his musical journey.
  5. The fact that Max and I are amusing ourselves with the Amul post shows that we have gotten up crazy early for shows over the last month and now we have made it to the last one with delirium and silliness.
  6. ohhh.....Saturday morning cartoons with U2. How fun would that be?
  7. But who's the 5th person? And I'll refrain from mentioning all my other thoughts.
  8. For a long time I used Bad as my alarm, but I realized I was spending too much time just listening to the song instead of getting up and getting ready.
  9. I watch the video on that and just think “No Line on the Horizon”.
  10. Vary rarely do the city specific shirts show up and they were selling out rather quickly at the venues.
  11. What a show! Thanks to everyone who joined us here. Next up, the final 😥 show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 in Mumbai on Sunday. Take care.
  12. Me too. It was the other one I was worried might get dropped because of the delay.
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