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  1. I don’t think I personally know anyone that was at this show, but would love to hear stories from someone who was. It certainly captivated me in the early 80s when they played it on MTV quite a bit. When my friends and I went to the 360 show in Denver in 2011, of course we had to make a pilgrimage there. We ended up at some school’s graduation. lol The weather was quite different that day and Red Rocks is much bigger than I thought based on the tricky camera work on the show. They has a “history of” that you can walk through and the show is well documented. The show obviously helped shape the band; perhaps it put Red Rocks on the map too. I hope that one day I get to see a show by an artist I like there. I would love to hear the acoustics of a show there.
  2. Just to say that @Madfl3a had an amazing idea and ran with it. If Live at Red Rocks is where she chooses to end, then she deserves a round of applause and a well-deserved break. Having said that, I don’t think there is anything saying she can’t pass the torch and let someone lead through the other suggestions.
  3. Possibly something of interest to you: https://facebook.com/events/s/gig-replay-originally-recorded/862535760877680/?ti=icl
  4. Thanks to everyone that joined us here today to watch Slane and to celebrate Bono's 60th. It has been blast, as always. Until we meet again, be safe and go have a listen to one on Bono's playlists.
  5. This would have been epic to be at. U2 on stage and a castle....just wow.
  6. that was about 15 years ago....and I promise I didn't let her go. She does still adore him and the band though.
  7. My daughter got mad at me one time and told me that she was going to run away and go live with Bono. I told her to go for it. lol
  8. Happy Birthday Bono! While your 60th has you reflecting, it has me reflecting too. Gloria grabbed me when I was 12 in 1983. I honestly don’t know where my life would be without the band and your lyrics. Your songs have gotten me through the amazing, good, bad, and really ugly parts of my life. There has always been one there to celebrate with or comfort me. Your lyrics helped turn me to God and become a Christian. Not only have the songs helped form me as a person, but they have given me the majority of my friends and many of the places I have been. Thank you for giving ME such a wonderful life. I hope you have a beautiful day and can’t wait to see what songs come out of this crazy time we are in now. Take care of yourself. mich xx
  9. From the album: Bono @60

    Bono telling the Larry girls that Larry didn’t want to come out in the rain and get his hair wet.
  10. From the album: Bono @60

    © mich40

  11. From the album: Bono @60

    © mich40

  12. From the album: Bono @60

    © mich40

  13. From the album: Bono @60

  14. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to it.
  15. Yes...yes it does. It’s not exact. Couldn’t find The Golden Horde and had to change the Virgin Prunes song and one more, but: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1xsVQCMcRaSMCPOO7oG2tp?si=HppcUbEzRFu7-8jcJwJfkA
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