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  1. Seriously! I have “my” room in my house that gets referred to as the “Mich Cave” and “U2 museum” all the time. 😂
  2. https://www.instagram.com/p/CH97wLrnkMN/?igshid=d9kgju50sjuf It’s sure to be some great stories and photos. Go check it out.
  3. Try using the Contact Us form here (using U2.com shop/merchandise from the drop down menu) : https://www.u2.com/help or call +001-949-333-4820 (outside the US). 1-800-615-1324 (inside the US)
  4. Onto Twitter? We have posted all of U2's tweets here for everyone to have easy access.
  5. I cannot tell you how many times I checked out the studio webcam...I saw a person on it once, and it wasn’t any of the band members.
  6. I had forgotten how soothing ATYCLB is. 

  7. It is very likely that the newest pandemic lockdown could be affecting order fulfillment. Please be patient.
  8. A weight has been lifted.
  9. The vinyl does come with a digital download card.
  10. That’s pure class right there....even if he did call Boy George the lead singer of U2 earlier that year. lol Class and integrity seem to be lost now. Was just watching this. From 4 years ago, but look at the one thing he focused on in the video. 🤦🏻‍♀️
  11. mich40

    U2 Tattoos

    I’m like Edge and Adam, I have commitment issues when it comes to tattoos.
  12. It was all so good. I loved the dirt dished on Larry. The sleeping bag story was hilarious. Anyone else notice the djembe behind Edge? Wonder if that is one of the ones Larry used on 360?
  13. Now I have the sweet sounds of that beautiful song flowing through my head. Thank you.
  14. Is the leather telling you what to do? Personally, I think it's all about the drums.
  15. Many may know her by her Mixlr name, barcaqueen. R.I.P. Linda.
  16. No. “Rock and Roll N*” was possibly a reference to the Patti Smith song. The word was thrown around more heavily in the 70s up to the earlier 2000s. I am not/cannot speak for the band, but with everything that has happened in the world in the last several years, I’m not surprised that they chose to mute the word.
  17. Perhaps you should not look at the removal of the word as censorship, but as a sign of respect.
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