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  1. Got my 2 disc version of Songs of Innocence. Tonight I shall be living it up in one of the clubs on the Brighton seafront!
  2. Just Bono and Edge? Hopefully it'll be the full band on Radio 2 and Norton's show. It'll definitely be the full band on Later...
  3. Bono wasn't wrong - those songs sound mighty fine when stripped down!
  4. Now updating the promo tour further: October 12 - Che Tempo Che Fa (Italy) October 14 - Le Grand Journal (France) October 15 - live session with Jo Whiley on BBC Radio 2 playing 3 new tracks and 1 classic (UK) https://twitter.com/BBCRadio2/status/519940083676610560 October 17 - The Graham Norton Show playing The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) (UK) http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04ly5kg October 21 - Later Live with Jools Holland (UK) October 24 - Later...with Jools Holland (UK)
  5. Me too! I was annoyed about missing the 360 tour, but any chance to see them is a good one for me! Bring it on!
  6. I got my internet back today! Been in Brighton for a week and using my iPhone's rubbish 3G signal the whole time!
  7. Congrats for your new house anyway Brighton- my home town! Thinking about it now, the Dome or Concorde 2 would be a really good place for a more intimate U2 gig - they did a number of smaller gigs around the release of NLOTH, I'm surprised they haven't got anything going on this time round!
  8. Just gotta hope I'll be able to get tickets - for all we know they could announce tour dates on Monday with presale tickets going out on Wednesday, and I'll be moving to Brighton on Tuesday and will probably not have internet for a couple of days!
  9. You won't have to buy the iPhone 6 just to get the new album. That'd be ridiculous!
  10. Well, U2 aren't playing iTunes Festival. All the headliners have now been announced and they are nowhere on the bill.
  11. Only 2 iTunes Festival headliners left to be announced. If U2 do play it'll be on either the 19th or the 30th.
  12. I don't know, I think the last bands will be announced within the next week. Applied to try and get tickets for Elbow's performance, not sure if I'll get through...I won't find out if I've won until a week before the gig!
  13. Another bunch of iTunes Festival acts were announced this morning, U2 not among them so don't know if that rumour still holds weight...
  14. Possibly. iTunes Festival runs all 30 days of September and they've only announced 11 of the bands playing. With 12 days to go, that's a bit weird.
  15. Sounds good! Hopefully they'll announce something soon. If there's nothing by the end of September I'll be surprised.
  16. The National are wrapping up the Trouble Will Find Me tour in London this November, so I doubt it. Anyway, this is great news! Some indication that the album will be announced soon!
  17. Well since it's apparently arenas in the US starting in May, maybe they'll do arenas in Europe/UK/Ireland in autumn, and then some other countries early in 2016 before doing European/UK stadiums in summer.
  18. It's too soon for them to play Glasto again. They should branch out, look at other festivals, like the aforementioned iTunes fest, but also festivals like Reading & Leeds, Isle of Wight, British Summer Time at Hyde Park, Calling Festival at Clapham Common, maybe a gig or two at Knebworth...
  19. Got myself a house in Brighton! Gonna be renting a room while I'm studying at the local music college!
  20. According to someone in the U2 camp, the Sirens trailer is a hoax. The Facebook page for it didn't exactly look official anyway.
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