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  1. Always nervous at a U2 concert!! My nervousness comes from two (and a bit) simple reasons - Will they play WOWY (missed out on some of the Vertigo nights) and will they play "Bad" and the bit is will Bono add "Shine Like Stars" to WOWY! (Clearly guaranteed WOWY on this tour!) I will be gutted if they don't play the entire album, don't mind if it's not in order, just really want to hear all the songs. For the rest, I just want them to mix-it up night to night. The previous few tours have been far too rigid (especially 360, which was too tied into the staging / production). I & E was better but not hard to predict what they would play. Would also like them to bring back the magic for the introduction of Streets, nothing has compared since the Elevation Tour at Slane Castle (Go Home - DVD) - which was truly mind blowing! As a side note - Was also really disappointed with the 2 nights’ idea not being fully explained before tickets went on sale for I & E, was really poorly communicated (but was relieved when the concept switched!) If I had my 10 seconds, I would ask for "Shine Like Stars!!!" and probably Heartland too! First saw them at The Point Depot on December 30th 1989 "It's no big deal, it's just -- we have to go away and...and dream it all up again" and multiple times on the tours since. For TJT 2017 tour, have 2 x nights in London (GA and Gold) and Croke Park (Pitch 2) - Every other gig I go to, before the band comes on stage, for a brief moment I wish it U2 coming on, so in July will happen 3 times - YAY!!!!!!!!
  2. GA Dublin (Pitch 2), London GA night 1 and London "Gold Ticket" night 2! - AWESOME!
  3. Hi - Got 2 x tickets for Dublin - When you go through the pre-sale code, you could choose between Pitch 2 (nearer the stage) and Pitch 1 on a drop-down menu - so the tickets are different for each section (I am not sure if their was a price difference). Also got 2 tix for London, but that is just general GA with no split. If you look at Coldplay at Croke Park, they have split the pitch into 3 sections and again buy tickets by section If the scales are correct on the picture then Pitch 2 will not be that big and hopefully not too packed. Would be great if they had something similar for all the shows. Cheers
  4. i did Red Zone at 360 in London and was totally worth it! Arrived at the O2 Arena late on the I & E tour and managed to get next to the Red Zone without any hassle - so would do it it for a stadium tour but not for an arena!
  5. Anyone else notice that the Red Zone does. It seem to be an option on Ticketmaster UK - are the available anywhere else??
  6. On Ticketmaster UK - can see RZ for Croke Park but not for Twickenham??? any ideas why?
  7. Hi - Does anyone know what Pitch 1 and Pitch 2 means at Croke Park - is it when Pitch 1 is full, they close up and you end up in Pitch 2 or something else?? Thank you Adam
  8. Help from U2.com?? my subscription ends on Dec 6th, if I renew will be sent North Side Story again!! - how do we select for the 2014 / 2015 gift instead (assuming one will be available)?)

    1. U2Girl1966


      Ouch, tough call. If they were not about to announce tour dates, I'd say wait to see what the new gift will be. Is there a friend you know that you could give North Side to?

    2. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      go to the CONTACT US in the HELP section of the site and explain your situation...

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