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  1. Has been that way on every tour (2 in arenas, 4 in stadiums) since at least the Vertigo tour in 2005.
  2. Been like this for years from most countries, the costs seem excessive. On the plus side, at least they actually send tickets quickly instead of the UK method of waiting until about a week before the show!
  3. Get the information as suggested by bigwave to be on the safe side, but they said the same sort of thing for the I&E shows out there and there was no check at all. Practically in a stadium holding 60,000+ it is all but impossible to implement ID checks anyway. Pretty sure the only ID will be for Red Zone tickets.
  4. For "increased security" it likely won't be anything more than a slightly tighter pat-down. There was allegedly increased security at Wembley for The Stone Roses & Adele in recent weeks, but it was no different to going to any other gig there. Same with Depeche Mode & Guns n Roses at the London Stadium. Highly unlikely you will have any problem with a camera.
  5. At a guess, with Tottenham playing all their games there next season they could have reached the limit of events Wembley can hold in a year.
  6. True, but that only exists because people film and share it. The key thing is to manage it so you aren't intruding on other peoples enjoyment and balance with your own. I've filmed plenty at shows over the years and enjoy watching my footage back, though I always attend multiple shows so ration it across the tour and only film when I can get a clear shot below my eye-line so as not to block anyones view. Those clips go on youtube for people to watch if they choose. As for a GoPro, I have seen them occasionally at gigs. One at a Taylor Swift show got stopped about 10 minutes in (back in the
  7. ^^seeing as on that gumtree post they have been dumb enough to post the picture, the seat numbers and the bar-code those would be easily traced and cancelled!
  8. E-mail just received from U2.com seems pretty clear - "Four more shows have been added to complete the dates on the European leg of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. "The band will play second nights at Twickenham, London on July 9th, the Olympic Stadium in Rome on July 16th, the Stade de France in Paris on July 26th and the Amsterdam Arena on July 30th."
  9. cdparky

    2nd Nights

    Live Nation showing London 2 general sale Jan 23rd. http://www.livenation.co.uk/show/928435/u2-the-joshua-tree-tour/twickenham/2017-07-09/en
  10. Done the same in the hope for Dublin 2 (holding on to a code we could have used elsewhere). Will have to see what happens tomorrow, I'm figuring the 2nd nights will be up very quickly if they are going straight to general sale.
  11. I don't know why they even ask for the passport number. I've been to plenty of shows in Barcelona (travelling from the UK) and never been asked for it at the venue.
  12. Just to check, were the GA's paperless tickets or normal tickets? Asking as hoping to book 3 tomorrow but 1 of our group will be along later in the day.
  13. It's just for counting tickets sold, nothing else. You will be able to go anywhere in the GA (obviously except the red zone).
  14. For anyone travelling in, if offered the option select to pick your ticket up at the box office. UK ticket companies are notoriously slow when it comes to sending them out, often waiting to the week of the show.
  15. Hi, we got RZ for Barcelona this morning. Had this mail through - "Important information about your purchase for U2 on July 18 in Barcelona: We have proceeded to replace the code that appeared in your ticket by the name of the owner of the purchase, so you do not have access problems on the day of the concert. Remember to print your tickets again." A bit confused as the tickets are to be picked up at the box office. Anyone else had this?
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