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  1. Sort of. It was only the box set, which I own, and I believe is now out of press. I think people (understandably) want a simple vinyl release of the album that costs around 25 bucks. Count me in as someone who wants Zooropa to be pressed on vinyl. Original vinyl copies were not even pressed in the USA, and are ridiculously expensive when they pop up for sale.
  2. I love vinyl releases and enjoy listening to vinyl. But it seems pretty clear to me that they simply need to do both a CD version and a vinyl version of gifts and let subscribers choose. The recently announced gift is a bit of a let down for sure. Not sure how many fans are excited about dance remixes (and I own a lot U2 remixes because, well, U2...). Live show recordings or unreleased tracks are the jackpot for these kind of releases as far as I'm concerned. I thought the Joshua Tree singles release was great, and I would love entire live shows on vinyl/cd, too. As others have pointed out, at the very least vinyl gifts should come with a lossless download. It's insane and inexplicable that they don't.
  3. I have two friends who have received theirs. One set was warped (dished). The other set had a hole torn through the entire set (all of the sleeves were damaged, and 3 of the 4 records were cracked. I inspected these and they were also warped. From my experience, looks like some very bad pressings and bad shipping/handling. The last time i got a subscriber gift it was the live vinyl "Another Time, Another Place". The first one I was sent was severely warped.
  4. I'm really not surprised by the delay. I think this is par for course for the subscriber "gift", unfortunately. The first time I bought a membership on U2.com the gift was the CD "Medium, Rare, and Remastered". It took so long to arrive that I totally forgot it was coming! And this was a CD. No pressing plant hold up. I'm not sure why it takes so long. The "Another Time, Another Place" vinyl also took a long time. It's a shame that the mods catch so much flack because they are certainly not responsible. But as others have pointed out, it's very hard to get an answer from a human who works for Live Nation or whomever. My friend is still waiting for the 2017 vinyl gift. He placed the order last May. I sort of look at it as follows: I pay for the pre sale access, and the gift comes at some point and it's usually pretty cool once it gets here. Keeps me from getting angry, haha. One bit of feedback if anyone at U2.com cares: Make the coupons usable for music and other media! cheers, folks.
  5. Thanks, guys! Pretty cool to get actual hard tickets. I guess I'm old school... Gonna try for San Jose GAs today...
  6. Hey, guys. My buddy got GA tickets during the Innocence presale last week. He said that Ticketmaster asked for a delivery option and he chose US Mail. So, I'm assuming it's paper tickets this time and not credit card entry? Anyone know for sure?
  7. My humble opinion here, but to me U2 fail to promote their best songs. American Soul and Get Out of Your Own Way are two of the weakest tracks on album, IMO. I wasn't excited about the record until I heard the other stuff: Red Flag Day, Lights of Home, etc...
  8. Does anyone know if the vinyl version includes a digital download?
  9. I called the venue. The guy on the phone said that credit card entry was going to be gate B. So if you have GA tickets, whether purchased through the fan club or during regular onsale, it's gate B.
  10. Does this mean they will differentiate between people who bought GA through the fan club presale vs those who bought during general onsale?
  11. Hey, guys! Just looking at the Levi's stadium website for the show: http://www.levisstadium.com/event/2017-05-17-u2-the-joshua-tree-tour/ "Fan Club Ticket Holders Fans may enter the stadium through Intel Gate A, Toyota Gate F or Dignity Health Gate C. Please bring the credit card used to purchase your tickets and a valid government issued photo ID to the venue. The gates listed above will open at 5pm PT. Your event ticket is automatically set for credit card admittance only. " The gates listed here are different than the gate listed for "GA Floor Seat Ticket Holders", which they list as gate B. I wonder how this will play out?
  12. Snagged a copy of RHMT 2017 mix at my local store. Looks great. Pretty disappointed, however, that the same track is on both sides. What in the world is the point of that? I have a bazillion record singles, and a ton of U2 singles, and they all have different tracks on side B. So odd.
  13. I don't understand why this is so weird. It's our presale codes, bought and paid for. No one is using this code against our wishes, nor is anyone buying more tickets than they have been allotted. The reason we might want a friend/family member to buy tickets with our code is for the slight chance something comes up and we can't make it to the other show across the country. That way the tickets would be in their name and they could still go.
  14. Thanks, everyone. "non transferable" is pretty vague. I mean, I'm going to both shows. Just two different people are buying tickets.
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