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  1. I love vinyl releases and enjoy listening to vinyl. But it seems pretty clear to me that they simply need to do both a CD version and a vinyl version of gifts and let subscribers choose. The recently announced gift is a bit of a let down for sure. Not sure how many fans are excited about dance remixes (and I own a lot U2 remixes because, well, U2...). Live show recordings or unreleased tracks are the jackpot for these kind of releases as far as I'm concerned. I thought the Joshua Tree singles release was great, and I would love entire live shows on vinyl/cd, too. As others have point
  2. Thanks, guys! Pretty cool to get actual hard tickets. I guess I'm old school... Gonna try for San Jose GAs today...
  3. Hey, guys. My buddy got GA tickets during the Innocence presale last week. He said that Ticketmaster asked for a delivery option and he chose US Mail. So, I'm assuming it's paper tickets this time and not credit card entry? Anyone know for sure?
  4. I don't understand why this is so weird. It's our presale codes, bought and paid for. No one is using this code against our wishes, nor is anyone buying more tickets than they have been allotted. The reason we might want a friend/family member to buy tickets with our code is for the slight chance something comes up and we can't make it to the other show across the country. That way the tickets would be in their name and they could still go.
  5. Thanks, everyone. "non transferable" is pretty vague. I mean, I'm going to both shows. Just two different people are buying tickets.
  6. Same question. Anyone? I don't want to risk the 2 tickets I bought getting canceled if my brother uses my code for the other 2
  7. Downloading was addressed in an earlier post in this thread. Basically, people need to exercise their patience muscles. I think people have been "exercising their patience muscles" far too long. There's no excuse for not making the whole album downloadable at this point. The download issue has NOT been addressed, unless by 'addressed' you mean the determination made that the album is not yet available for a full download, which everyone knows and is the exact reason people are asking about the download.
  8. Not really. Only 3 tracks are available for downloading. It appears that the full download has not yet been posted.
  9. Just returned from vacation and I had received mine. Didn't get a chance to open it yet, but agree the package is way too flimsy to be used to ship vinyl. Hoping mine isn't damaged.
  10. Sadly, there are people who will get subscriptions for only two reasons. One being presale codes. The other, so they can try to sell the subscription gifts at inflated prices on resale sites. These are actually going for less on Ebay than it cost to get a subscription. I'm one of those people that got the subscription this year specifically for the presale code and the record. Otherwise, why would I pay $50? Well, it turns out there wasn't a USA show within a thousand miles (literally) of where I live and I can now by sealed copies of this vinyl on Ebay for 35 bucks when I haven't even rec
  11. Got an email on July 31st saying mine has shipped. Email included a tracking number but the number doesn't appear to be valid. I click on the link, or enter the number manually, and get a message saying that tracking information is unavailable. So.... I have no idea when to to expect it.
  12. As July comes to a close, nary a word about my vinyl shipment. It's just bizarre that the distribution of subscriber gifts couldn't have been done in a more efficient manner.
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