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  1. I sent a message to the shop asking if there was anything they would do to make up for the membership item mishap and of course nobody has answered me :rolleyes:

    1. flashmanbrum


      I sent one a week or so ago said they would get back to me within 24 hours, still had no reply. I've decided not to renew my membership, real fans being let down once again for corporate greed. This puts U2 in a new light to me now, whatever happened to fan loyalty? They just seem to be in it now to make even more money at there fans expense.

    2. Tflyer90


      I still haven't got any sort of response back to the message I sent in, not even a response saying my message was received. I am beginning to regret having already renewed. 

  2. Know how you fell I am seriously thinking about not renewing my subscription for 2018. Something needs to be done about the company that runs the shop and subscriptions.

    1. Tflyer90


      I already renewed for 2018 so at this point all I can do is wait really....

  3. Stay strong guys! It might not be about being in the best spot for all the shows, it may be about the experiences you have and the people you interact with along the way. @zoostervox think about what you said in that you've found a boyfriend and had such great memories linked to U2! You might have been shafted in this flustercluck presale like most of us have but you can still attend a show and you still have the good memories and all of the relationships that have been created from your experiences and travels linked to the band!
  4. I have been to 3 shows that require credit card entry. Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden, and U2. Iron Maiden they scanned my card and I went right in. FF and U2 they scanned the card that was used multiple times and nothing happened, I was told no tickets existed under that card and that I had to go to the box office. I had to then wait for 15-20min (after waiting in line) for the person at the ticket office to look me up in the computer and issue me new tickets and print them out for me. I despise credit card entry.
  5. Everything I bought at the DC show was normal sized. Beanies come in different styles and a lot of people tend to wear the "slouchy" ones these days. Which means they wear them loose with the excess flopped to the back. Maybe it's just not a fit you're used to or comfortable with?
  6. I figured it was just a given that there would be a dvd release. It will be a huge waste if there isn't and it definitely seemed like they were filming every night (at least some parts of the shows). Because of the videos that kept going up on the social media outlets.
  7. Another one here who loves it! I think it's great that not every song has the same exact style or pacing to it but they were able to keep them similar enough that there isn't an abrupt stop between songs. I've only listened to it once as well but I can safely say that I think it's a great album. Definitely a lot there to enjoy and take away. Something that requires more than one listening to fully enjoy for sure. I love it!
  8. The whole situation seems like a bit of a flustercluck and it should be interesting to see how it plays out.
  9. I always sign up for these pre-sales and they never work for me. When I had an issue with activating one of my credit cards and they tried to SMS me a temporary code they told me that a lot of cellphone services disable SMS messages automatically because they consider it to be spam.
  10. Thank you for the clarification, I guess I'll just hope for the best with the SMS code...
  11. Ugh this is bad news. None of these SMS presale codes ever end up going through to my phone. I am confused...If you pre-order the album do you get a pre-sale code (as @Malahide said) or don't you?
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