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  1. Where do you look to see your subscription status and when it needs to be renewed? I can't seem to find a specific section that says "my subscription" or anything and it's driving me nuts. I can't remember exactly when I subscribed and I want to know when the resubscription period is for me. Thank you.
  2. Mine have finally arrived, glad to have them. I haven't got a chance to listen (I know someone noted some warping on one of theirs earlier) but I will say that they did arrive with dented corners which was a little disappointing. Nonetheless I'm glad to have them.
  3. I got an email saying I have a package (with active tracking) coming from LiveNation ECommerce from UPS. I have an different tracking number noted in my U2 shop order history that is through USPS and is invalid. Not sure what is going on. Where are other peoples tracking numbers from? Are the packages getting handed off to USPS via UPS or something of that nature? I haven't ordered anything from Live Nation and the UPS email doesn't have any information as to what the package is so I have no idea if it's the singles or not. Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. I ordered mine on the 6th of May and I'm in the same boat. It would seem that those of use who placed our orders around this time frame are the ones who mysteriously don't have them.
  5. I tried calling in since emailing doesn't seem to accomplish much. I got put on hold for a very lengthy amount of time to be told the items are in the shipping process and they don't have a new estimated delivery window yet. I asked if they could do anything else for me and they took my information that's it.
  6. The "issue" with poorly made turntables is the lack of counterweight which is the balance on the arm...modern records can survive much more usage because of the heavyweight material they're made out of etc but older records are more susceptible to wear if the weight on the arm isn't properly set. Many of the less expensive or less expensively made turntables don't have a weighted arm and they put more wear into the grooves of the records. Also the small "portable" turntables have undersize platters and long story short when the record is hanging off the edge it puts more needle weight into the grooves and again is putting more wear into your records. ....I hope this is helpful.
  7. @bigwave did you start a thread yet for those of us who are still waiting? I still have no idea as to what is going on with my order and I am completely over this.
  8. I just sent another email in, I am 100% done with this bs. I told the so called "support" if they don't give me a straight answer soon as to why I don't have my vinyl or what is going on (because I have had multiple emails go unanswered) that I will be reporting them as a business and going about whatever means necessary to get my refund. I don't care what others have said insisting it doesn't matter or they don't care about a "free gift". At the end of the day this isn't free, I paid to be part of and exclusive membership club and my fees went to this item that I haven't received. You wouldn't be so relaxed about pre-ordering an item from amazon, or any music label, or even Best Buy. My money was taken and I have gotten nothing but the run-around about this item. This is not how you conduct your business for the fans that are supposed to be considered your "special fan club members". I am so disgusted by the whole thing.
  9. They are kidding themselves if they think I am going to order anything from them ever again in my life after this bullshit. I'll go to my local record shop and buy the new vinyls there. Better to support local business anyway.
  10. Well unless there is some strange miracle then my subscriber item won't be arriving today (not that I expected it to). Which means another month has passed and I have no answer as to why I haven't received it or where it is. I want my goddamn money back and every time I send an email asking about the where abouts of my item or a refund I've gotten one of those bs blanket emails about them shipping in February and they completely ignored my request for a refund. This is absolutely appalling.
  11. I got another copy of the blanket response emails saying "Production is now underway again and dispatch of the gift will begin again mid to late February 2018" Why the f would they even bother to send me that?!?! It's the last day in February and there is no update on my shipping info. It's obvious mine are not shipping this month. Don't lie to me flat out like that when I ask you if mine will be shipping this month!
  12. I still haven't recieved anything and no updates on the shipping info. I sent a message on Sunday to the customer service (if you can even call it that) asking if I would even be recieving them this month and to nos surprise I haven't gotten a response.
  13. I renewed my subscription and I wish I hadn't. I WON'T be doing so again. I still haven't received my singles, no update on tracking info/email, and the only response I got to the 3 emails I sent in was a single message stating that they were shipping in "late February" with 3 business days left I can say I highly doubt that will happen with the way this has been going and I'm getting angrier by the day at this situation. They have taken my money and given me nothing in return. Highway robbery.
  14. I redeemed May 6th. I don't understand how people who redeemed later than others received their gifts first. That seems like absolute horse shit. If you are short on the items and you're going to go in any specific order you need to go in order of those who have been waiting the longest...this is so ridiculous
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