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  1. Thanks Max (Sorry, posting from my phone and it is apparently limited?)
  2. The graphics for UTEOTW are my most favorite of all the songs for this tour. Especially ending with the huge tidal waves! Where I was sitting, it looked like it was going to jump right off the screen, OMG!!
  3. "Here's another miracle, The Edge is just playing chords!" -Bono Haaa! Well played sir!
  4. I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets nervous whenever The Edge is playing guitar while walking on the catwalk.
  5. I've seen every tour since Zoo TV and this is by far my favorite. The screen is amazing but even more so, the pure energy and emotions that they bring to every performance is the biggest blessing of all. There is no end to love, Bono is right.
  6. Love to all of my fellow U2 fans! There is no them, there's only us!
  7. Where have people been parking to get there early to meet the band? Are any of the UC lots open that early? I don't recall there being any street parking around there.
  8. I had no problem finding XXL shirts at any of the counters on Wednesday and Thursday. The trick is to go there first before you start walking around and don't wait until the end of the night when things are already gone.
  9. This is the United Center shirt. It sold out very fast on Wedesday but they were still available early on Thursday. The guy at the merch counter said to stop there first as soon as you get to the venue in order to get the shirt before it sells out. If it's still available, it will be hanging on the wall with all of the other shirts.
  10. Head's up for those who think they might be camping out or walking around by the United Center tomorrow night: There were some very severe storms that passed through West and South of the city last night, which dropped several tornadoes in the area. The weather service has reported an enhanced risk for a repeat of this weather pattern tomorrow, although they haven't specified what time it would hit, only that the Chicago Metro area is under this enhanced risk tomorrow. Please everyone stay aware of the current weather and follow the US National Weather Service Chicago on your Facebook and/or download weather apps to stay up to date on the situation. It may turn out to be nothing because weather changes by the minute, but you should always be prepared and stay as informed as possible.
  11. The night of the shows, there are links to the Periscope and/or Meerkat feeds in the Live Shows forum: http://zootopia.u2.com/forum/200-u2ietour-live-threads/. You would need to download the Periscope and Meerkat apps to your phone or tablet to be able to use them and you would need to create an account, but I just used my Twitter account to log in. The Mixlr stream is just audio and not video, but it works well in case you have trouble with the live video.
  12. Baja, I got to meet you in Chicago once during Vertigo. Thanks for all you've done here for this place and for us. In case you haven't heard it enough, all of your efforts (and I do mean ALL) on behalf of Zootopia are very much appreciated! And you will absolutely be missed by many, especially by those of us who have been here from the beginning of U2.com with you. Good luck in whatever you do and wherever life brings you next!
  13. If you want to see the screen, 108 would be better. But if you want to be really close to the band, albeit behind them, then 118. Having watched many of the live streams, I'd say that seeing the screen could give a better experience overall. But there's also something to be said about being so close to the band, even if you are behind them. It depends on what's more important to you. They didn't actually flip the stage arrangements. They clarified which side is the I stage and which is the E stage. I don't believe that info was available when the tickets went on sale for Chicago. And the switch made to the location of RZ doesn't really matter because either way they are still right on the rail and by the I stage. Based on watching the live streams, the band plays on both stages so either location is good. Even those in say 106 and 117 on the extreme opposite ends of the arena, although not able to see the screens, will have the band right on front of them pay off the time so it's not that bad of a thing. Technically speaking, because of the stage setup with 2 stages, the catwalk, and the screens, really majority of the seats are going to be good no matter where you're sitting.
  14. What's included with the VIP merchandise seats (not the VIP party package)? Anyone know?
  15. The diehard U2 fans who know the deep cuts and B sides do not make up the majority of attendees at a U2 show. The majority of people are casual fans who like the radio hits enough to shell out a few bucks to see U2 play a concert. The fact is, outside of the people who read articles posted here on u2.com, the majority of people who have bought tickets for the show didn't even know about the possible 2 different shows idea. So these masses of fans just bought tickets because "Oh look, U2 is coming to town" without knowing anything about the two show idea. But also keep in mind, there are a very large number of fans here on U2.com who always go to multiple shows anyway, whenever the band goes on tour. Regardless of this two show idea, those people would've bought tickets for multiple shows. So I doubt that those people would've done anything differently this time.
  16. Yeah but you have Chicago pizza there.....we just have Starbucks on every corner. I will trade you one Starbucks, and will throw in a Boeing plane for some Chicago pizza. Thanks! Yes it's the best!
  17. That's true that there are hundreds of people on the various Periscope and Meerkat links commenting there.
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