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  1. I'm going to have to pass this year, sadly. I will miss seeing all your amazing cards in my mail each day. Family health crisis is taking my attention this year. I want to wish everyone a wonderful holidays this year. Remember to take a ton of pictures with your loved ones and cherish your memories.
  2. I don't know what the heck they're doing over there at Ticketmaster / Live Nation but they're definitely being very shady.
  3. I am thinking that the more casual fans not necessarily following the news about the verified fan process were unaware of the deadline for registering by Saturday for the public on sale today. Therefore they were unable to buy tickets and that's why there are so many unpurchased tickets right now. But now those people have been on the Ticketmaster site and have seen that there is a requirement to register for the next round of public on sale dates, they will do that and more people will purchase tickets. That's my theory.
  4. I think it would be really weird if they didn't add more shows. During Vertigo tour I think they didn't announce the additional dates until a week after the first public on sale was completed. I think that's how it happened. It was several tours ago but that's how I remember it.
  5. I don't think Guy wants to know what I truly think of him.
  6. I can't imagine they would mark someone inelligible for perpetuity making them unable to buy any tickets for any shows ever again in the future. That would be literally the stupidest thing ever because Ticketmaster would lose millions of dollars! I can totally see your point but the thought of them doing that is literally the worst thing that could happen to people who go to a lot of concerts!
  7. Regardless of whether you're Experience or Innocence presale group, due to the newly instituted Verified Fan lottery, you're not guaranteed to get a pre-sale code. I didn't realize this was the case. I was under the impression that all subscribers who followed the steps to renew their subs and link their TM account would get presale access. That is not true. The fact is that if you're not picked by Ticketmaster to get a code, you will not get a code. Period. That goes for both the Citi presale and the Public onsale too. Every ticket for every show across the board for this tour will be sold using this verified fan lottery. That is what I have been told by the customer service people for U2.com. Their number is (855) 867-5297.
  8. I would've rather not gotten any emails from them than to have them send me one saying I was picked only to get another one soon after saying they made a mistake and that I wasn't going to get a code after all. That's the part that hurts the most in my opinion.
  9. Please let us know what they tell you on the phone. Because the guy I talked to said, as a result of adding the verified fan to the presale access, that means not everyone is getting a presale code. And if you either didn't get the email or if you got the one saying they made a mistake that you're shut out, then you're not getting a code. This supposed lottery has caused a large number of actual fans to get shut out from getting a presale code.
  10. Not everyone in the Innocence group will be getting codes either. Only the people picked by whatever nonsense system that Ticketmaster has made up are getting presale access. Everyone else is not getting anything.
  11. I just got off the phone with the U2.com customer service. I can't believe this is actually true but apparently they did in fact use the BS verified fan lottery for presale tickets for fan club members. Those of us who first got the email saying you were getting a presale code and then later got the email saying they made a mistake and you're not getting a code - we are in fact shut out of the presale and will not be getting a code. The verified fan thing means that there's some arbitrary method by which you're picked - or not - to get presale access this time for this tour. So, we're not getting presale access at all. It's over.
  12. I don't think that's accurate. I'm pretty sure all fan club members who completed the verified fan process on u2.com will get presale codes on the day of their group. It's the Citi presale and the Public onsale where the lottery part comes in. I think the wording you posted up there refers to the fact that, just because you get a presale code doesn't guarantee you'll get tickets. Because that's something that people always assume who don't know the drill. They think presale access guarantees they'll get tickets. Maybe for a crappy band with few fans. But U2 is the biggest band on the planet with more fans worldwide than any other band in the world. So you're up against a lot of people in both presale and public sale. Which makes it harder to get tickets overall.
  13. Those aren't real tickets. They're fake and people who buy from any of those sites are going to find themselves with no tickets and no refunds. It's all BS. I wouldn't spend too much time worrying about them.
  14. That is my understanding as well. It's the public on sale that will be very different this time. And from what I've been reading, the Citi card presale will be like the public on sale with the lottery draw thingy. If we're misunderstanding then I'm sure a mod will correct what we're saying.
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