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    • dereski

      Loving the new single Atomic City /and video ❤️❤️
      watching the U2 show videos and loving it!!! What a great birthday I had U2 starting their first show on my Birthday and releasing their single on my birthday 🎂🥳❤️❤️. I can’t go there so I am enjoying the videos on YouTube the fans our posting and on Facebook thanks to U2 songs and another group. And those of you posting your videos from your show you went too❤️❤️
      THANK YOU!!!!!
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    • lincolnobrien96

      My 60th birthday was spent with U2 at Sphere!!!  September 30th show!!  Somehow it all worked out that way, I got my tickets through my membership here!!  BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!  The Sphere is mind blowing in itself, but in U2’s hands it was EPIC.....I have seen U2 use technology to create art with a spiritual message that resonates...but this tops everything....they both embraced Vegas and tore it down to reveal divine light in their presentation....and fans got the symbolism in the massive Sphere videos....the fracking fires from a pole became white steam...the white flag of peace, Surrender...
      and let me say, I am not a devout follower of any religious belief...I am a doubter and follow science...but I was not the only fan leaving who said out loud this was a spiritual experience!!  The whole Sphere experience is surreal, it surrounds you, and again in the hands of U2 it was a powerful statement of their values and their ability to FREAKING ROCK!!!  I almost fell over jumping to Elevation!!!
      I just feel so lucky and grateful, having been through health issues, to be able to experience this unique U2 event!!  I got to be with friends, and strangers made fiends, and everywhere I went wearing my concert tee the next day, staff at every level at casinos and restaurants would ask me about the show and say they heard good things, and I regaled them with tales of mythic proportions!!!
      There and Back Again, by Lumpy Noggin of the Hobbiton Nogginses, aka Lincoln O’Brien
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    • Bea5  »  jackpurcell38

      Email Ticketmaster, that’s what I had to do for my tickets.
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    • halo96

      Lucky enough to get pre-sale tx in April for the September 30 show! Show number 2! Amazing technology. Bono sounded great. The only drawback was "their difficult Achtung baby" (Bono's words) caused a big delay. They came out at 9 and we did get a shorter show. I loved the 2 crowd interactions, the girl with the baloon and then the Hindu(?) man. He was so fired up singing right in Bono's face every word! And for those of you wondering if the big technology overshadowed U2, NOT AT ALL!! Apparently my photos are too large to post and I'll have to post later!
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    • seresere

      It was my Golden Retriever's birthday today. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge last May. I miss him so much... My Unforgettable Fire!
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    • GZLE

      My U2 origin story: my French cousin played me Joshua Tree when I was 9 years old and stuck in a bed in Iran with broken ribs. I’ve loved them since. U2 gives me pure joy and moves me in a way that nothing else does! 

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    • bonsmellyarse  »  mazfam

      Has anyone been able to purchase tickets for todays screening?
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    • seresere

      25 Sep: Party in Larry's kitchen!!
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    • XtraCrispy72

      Any news on fan club merch being delivered in U.S ? Still waiting here in Indiana .
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    • Loya

      I just got  my "Freedom or Fear" T-shirt in the mail a couple of days ago! Yay! 
                                                       Thank you! Stay strong!
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