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  1. I agree. One of the best songs live of the iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour, IMHO. I've heard it in Turin 4 (four already? °_° ) years ago...
  2. I love the flowers and... nice coloring!!
  3. seresere


    You're welcome!! This is so peaceful...
  4. Happy B-Day, Edge!! Fantastic picture from the official Twitter/Instagram
  5. Thanks for the news!! Nice for the week-end. @ All, Have a good one!!
  6. Acrobat... Wild Horses... *_* And The Joshua Tree Tour (2017... 2019?) DVD... film? Anton Corbijn was working on it (according the last rumors... ) Sorry for the OT Waitin' for the gift!
  7. Thanks for the update! Landlady from Milan... Yay!! Beautiful photos, btw
  8. You're welcome!! It's perfect... Achtung Baby style!! Colors included
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