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  1. And if someone has 2 GAs, I'll buy the second one with toyoracer. Also got shut out. Well, I actually had pulled one but the TM site screwed up and I lost it. Frustrating!
  2. Yes, this process doesn't work for the true fans. Tons got shut out, and scalpers still got the tix.
  3. Do we know it GA tix will be credit card entry only again?
  4. I also read they were giving away 50 pairs of tickets in the contest rules when you entered. I don't have the link because the contest is over & link no longer works - but I definitely read that.
  5. They didn't say how they notified the winners, but one person said they got an email. I also read in the rules that if you didn't respond within 24 hours they give your space to an alternate. So hopefully you don't have any messages waiting for you when you get back, as it would be worse to have won but not been able to respond in time!
  6. I messaged the company that ran the draw and they responded today saying all winners were notified Friday night. Bummer!! I've only know of 2 people who won (including Tim).
  7. Dittto to what others said - thanks for this fantastic opportunity! And have all of the winners been notified by now? I already booked my flight from LA with frequent flier points, have a place to stay, and arranged to take off of work - so now all I need is to find out that I won?!? Fingers still crossed!
  8. If you end up wanting to sell you GA for the 23rd (face value + fees) I'm interested in buying it.
  9. I am also interested in buying 22 & 23 if face value + fees.
  10. Also sorry that you aren't able to go. I could buy the 2nd ticket. If selling for face value (plus fees)? I only need 1.
  11. I still have my old card but it has been cancelled (also due to fraudulent activity). They told me it is OK since I still have my old card, even though it is no longer valid. Is that consistent with what they told you? Thanks!
  12. If you arrive at 4:30 or 5 you can still get 2-3 people off the rail, at least off the catwalk and maybe even the e stage (main stage can be harder to get that close). You will still be very close! You only need to get there early if you are hoping for the rail.
  13. GAs for the 12th & 13th are available right now!! Go get 'em!
  14. Thanks! I hadn't seen this, but randomly checked and snagged a GA for the 12th today! And they also had some for the 13th. Can't believe they've been up for so long. Yay!
  15. I lost my GA at checkout due to an error, too Couldn't pull another one. Totally sucks!
  16. Are ALL tickets credit card entry only? On Ticketmaster for the Forum in LA, it says "Reserved" locations are credit card entry only - but doesn't mention anything about GA?? Perhaps they can be hard tickets??
  17. Rest and get well, Bono! Sending all good thoughts your way! Take care of yourself.
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