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  1. That's the first thing I was yelling within seconds of last Thursdays show. Glad I'm not the only one..Its perfected so artificially on the CD that it likely just didnt sound right with his voice alone, even with the autotune...I don't know, I really wasn't blown away with the beginning, until the black out finally kicks in.
  2. Amen on Radiohead and Pearl Jam...Two shows I'm seeing inside a few months in Boston. The powers at be totally botched this tour/ticketing. Permanant damage done inmo...normally, you'd easily see a third leg next spring in all the US secondary markets, but there's zero chance now...I don't think they wanna play cities where they can barely sell 1 night and loose money on production costs. We've hit peak u2 folks, time for them to go away and dream up whatever IT is they have time left to dream up again.....looking forward to this Thurs and Fri though!
  3. No shit?...I was wondering but didnt see any chatter anywhere like there was months ago..And you were in "Experience @ 10 too...Damn, thats weak..there must not have been any put aside.
  4. The fact that there's already 2 in Boston, 2 in LI, another 3 NYC and whatever Jersey got within weeks of Mohegan prbly created less demand..I literally don't think any more die-hards had codes left to participate at this point. I may be paying up for that show...Mohegan is like the closest a u2 show has come to me in nearly 15 years.
  5. I'd kill to have had a code for today...1 final blow to whats been a frustrating ticketing experience...To think, all of this could have been resolved had 1 of my seven CC been that of Citibank in 2018...not cool
  6. So, not sure how long this is been going on but people with Innocence code can unlock now on Ticketmaster and get tickets. Read everywhere it wasnt until noon tomorrow but not surprised...No GA's of course...Was this a mistake?..Did Innoccence group get Ga's today?..None tomorrow?..Haven't been out here in a few months, but it appears the ticketing shit show remains the same and never ceases to amaze.
  7. Man, took a shot at Boston today...Got in immediately, maybe 7-8 seconds in and NO Ga's...some cheap 41 uppers which are a good value for the casual fan but..even they didn't...I'll just have to start lookin again 7 months from now...There's a bit of time left.
  8. How many of you have received your email from Ticketmaster for either a download of CD of the album?....Am I missing something?....I don't see many people complaining, but I assume everyone is just streaming it like me. Still in all, seems its just another Ticketmaster snafu..
  9. Noticed that as well. There's so much regurgitation from past tunes that I was hoping it was part of some master plan and not just well, same stuff. At least w Red Flag its mor a feeling and sound than with other tunes that literally took riffs,sounds or choruses of Cedarwood Road, Beautiful Day, All because of You, , etc,etc,etc and ETC....I'd also like the edge to really play some new guitar before all is said and done...I'm a lil tired of the electric acoustic, minimalist stuff... anyways, all good
  10. Fair point, This is a decent effort and the result is perfectly fine for the times. I don't think it should have required 5+ years. We've heard of these songs in one form or another since 2012 or before..ie songs of ascent or whatever...I'm glad to hear any U2 song but perhaps combining the best 15 songs from both records would have produced the near gem they're looking for.....the rest could of have been put on hold, or never have come to light.
  11. Nice!...I was curious...i hope mine comes soon and I can download it instantly after midnight...cheers
  12. So with the album release imminent, anyone receive an email from Ticketmaster regarding the download?..I'm assuming it'll be coming tomorrow sometime, but with the way ticket pre sales went, who knows.
  13. Saw Wolf Alice almost 2 yrs ago outside New Haven, CT @ The Space...in Hamden. I did a stint @ SCSU a hundred yrs ago so I was revisiting old haunts. Never had been to the place....was tiny, there were maybe 80 people in t he place...Band sounded great.
  14. This has got to be some kind of joke. U2's punkin their fan base!
  15. Ha!!! Ya obviously got the whole volcano thing going on, BUT wonder how people will feel about the BOOTS drumming and guitar sound!! enjoy kids
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