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  2. Join us TONIGHT at 6pm PST/9pm EST as Eddie Huang creates his version of steak and eggs for the launch of the first 500 bottles of Truff Hot Sauce x (RED) on NTWRK!
  3. On Sunday Symphonic Waves will perform a midsummer concert in Ballinasloe Town Hall, Galway. This will be an exciting milestone, marking their first public performance as a full symphony orchestra having recently recruited woodwind, brass and percussion sections. It's set to be an evening to remember!Galway 2020 European Capital of Culture Music Generation, Galway County, Galway City & Roscommon Galway and Roscommon ETB https://galway2020.ie/en/news/symphonic-waves-summer-sounds/?fbclid=IwAR16jTNx5eFzhsY6dm1_-lllbvmrOmiFKvubmwlWjZbJpiCsOrT6nsWTD30
  4. Good on you! I have had red zone before for the I-e tour and it was well worth it.
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  6. I received a parcel of trading cards in the post this morning. I'm now very close to completing the Star Wars Resistance set - which is pretty good considering it's not even available in the UK
  7. I just called Sportshub and confirmed that it is a 1 time use code. I got 2 tix for the first show and then tried to use the code again to get another 2 tix for someone else but couldn't get in. I called Sportshub and the rep said it is one time use only....so no additional pre-sale opportunities even if you didn't purchase all 4 tix allotted.
  8. I think with Singapore 2 being announced, I’ve lost hope of Seoul 2. yeah I agree about GA being spilt and numbered. If come late to buying a ticket you don’t want to be stuck near back. Croke park being split was different, cos just being there was special in Dublin
  9. I've got another question though... heard that the venue doesn't allow queuing up overnight.. my arrival dates to singapore depends on this factor, in case there is queuing up allowed, im all game... but if they don't allow queuing up, and they only allow queuing up like 2 hours before the show, then to queue up 2 hours before, how do people queue up to queue up? :S I mean say 10000 people ready to queue up sharp at the time they are allowed to queue up, and how do they queue up at once without queuing up at the queue before? There will be human stampede to queue up itself before the show... am i correct?
  10. Ahhh... I will have to buy from the General sale then.... its sad, cuz i only bought 1 ticket for myself from the earlier pre-sale.
  11. It does state that Singapore codes are one use time only (in FAQ and on ticket agency website landing page for the presales, and this has happened in recent times in a small number of other countries (different ticketing systems / laws & rules in each country dictate what that policy will be).
  12. Psalm 60:1 Common English Bible 1- God, you have rejected us— shattered us. You’ve been so angry. Now restore us!
  13. I didn’t have the issue but others reported it and it’s the most sensible explanation as to why this particular ticket outlet is the only one in years where you could not split your code as you wish. I’ve been doing U2 presales since the Propaganda days and since they went to the codes, people have been able to use them multiple times as long as they have not exceeded the maximum number allowed. That is also how this tour has been except for this one venue.
  14. I'm from America and have only bought tickets within America.. Many times, I've been able to get a great seat for a show if I buy a single seat. I usually get up front doing it. My friends do as well. Some times we are a few rows behind the other but we have great seats. I like going to one U2 show alone when there are multiple nights.. It's a completely different experience when I watch the show alone. IE Chicago first night I was alone. EI Chicago second night I was alone. Both were awesome with a unique perspective. FYI
  15. Clearly, Singapore Sports Hub has some kind of issue where if a code is used, it’s burned. We saw this the other day when people didn’t used their full allotment, yet they couldn’t get back in. That issue doesn’t exist with other ticketing outlets.
  16. You asked the venue itself? I asked them if we could use our code again, and they said to check with you guys.
  17. Of course, he’s free to have someone else join and purchase tickets.
  18. Codes are only issued once per tour cycle as a general rule, and one membership per person is maximum allowed
  19. hmmm yeah... im wondering whether to wait for the general sale or buy another membership and get into the presale.... has anyone who was trying for GA missed, buying GA in the general sales this time? also im thinking whether to get GA once again for the 2nd show after a long day of standing on the first day
  20. I'm still holding out hope for a second Seoul show. Seems unusual for GA to still be available and seats are long sold out. I wonder if the floor being divided in half is making GA less attractive, or that GA seems to be number ordered. Maybe this is when dynamic pricing could move those remaining tickets and help get a second night in the mix. Still crossing my fingers!
  21. For new signed up members who wish to get the tickets before the general sales.
  22. I guess that if no-one can re-use their code, there's not much use for a presale 🤔 Oh well, sportshub moves in mysterious ways, who knows what will happen
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