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  1. Here are some pieces for those whom are in the process of deciding which style of guitar they want to play. If you really love the guitar, I would make it a point to listen to all of these, more than once. So here they are: classical guitar pieces: Concierto de Aranjuez by Rodrigo (who was blind, by the way) It has three movements and follows the usual pattern; first movement upbeat, second movement slow and the third ends with a bang....upbeat again. If you don't want to listen to the whole thing.....by all means listen to the middle movement. It is one of the most beautiful p
  2. Ok, here I go again....sorry if this has gotten tiresome for most. It sounds like your husband has a gift for playing by ear and he plays with tab and that you read music and play that way. No biggie. So you don't like tab, I do not like it either but most figerpicking stuff is written in tab. (Leo Kottke, Michael Hedges) Snobs will say that reading tab and not learning to read music is SOOOOOOOOOO much better. Screw that. If you can play and enjoy it, who cares how you are going about it unless you, like I was, are in a conservatory setting. Besides, one of my mentors, John Stropes,
  3. your post was really funny. i forgot to add that the sad things about ice storms like that are all the trees that topple. it's beautiful when they get coated with ice but so many get destroyed. nature's way. your post really made me laugh, thanks for that.
  4. I live in Milwaukee, WI. Although we missed this storm (thank goodness, no offense), we get a lot of bad winter storms and it's been really cold here, even by Wisconsin winter standards. I feel for you. Great post. I'm sick of winter too.
  5. [quote name='celticfc09 wrote: Manohlive wrote: Panth']Our healthcare in the US is a joke. Unfortunately Obamacare is no better. See, the problem is they let too many lobbyists have a voice by accepting their bribes. So no matter how you're going to package it, in America healthcare will be a joke. nobody's gonna get health care right in America the first time around. don't you think one imperfect health care bill can, over time and with bipartisanship, turn into a more perfect health care bill? i sure hope so. my pharmacy bills last year were over $50,000, no joke, so
  6. just as long as off doesn't follow Click!
  7. Clinton left us with no deficit, in fact we had a surplus. Then the Republicans say Democrats just 'Spend Spend Spend and you know what that means? Higher taxes!" After saying that ad nauseum, they give huge tax breaks to the richest one percent of this country, those who own 99 percent of this country. Obama wants to tax the wealthy and give tax breaks to the middle class and small business. The latter seems to make a lot more sense to me. Tax breaks to small business won't create jobs but at least it will give them a chance to replenish their inventories so they actually produce a prod
  8. John McCain also has a temper! That was incredibly obvious during the final debate between he and Obama. I wanted Hillary at first, too. I voted for her in the primary.
  9. I hadn't read all the posts in this thread when I posted. Bflorendo gave you a lot of good advice. gosh i hope i didn't mispell that above. perhaps you may need to exchange advise to advice once in a while in my above post as I type very quickly and don't realize unless I've edited which I didn't so forgive me again!
  10. I went to college for classical guitar performance. I've played steel string and classical (nylon strings). For the aucostic issue; f.y.i., nobody really calls them acoustic guitars. They normally call them steel string or classical when referring to 'acoustic' guiltar. again, fyi call them what you wish! I also played an electic guitar, I went the Fender Stratocaster route because that's what Eric Clapton and David Gilmore play. There are merits to starting with either. A steel string guitar produces a lovely and very recognizable sound but your fingers can get quite sore on
  11. Sprecher Creme Soday which is delicious for anyone who likes that type of beverage.
  12. I did not answer your question and I'm sorry for that. I live in America. I got sick when I was 17 and have been disabled ever since. I got put on Social Security Disability Income. Because I got sick so young, I had not worked a lot and get a whopping $806.00 to live on per month. However, my amount was so low that I got Medicaid which I thank God for every single day because it pays for just about everything with very low copays. The negative side of this is that the word, "Medicaid" is akin to welfare in most eyes here and there is a huge stigma to being on it but I've no choice. I a
  13. nobody's gonna get health care right in America the first time around. don't you think one imperfect health care bill can, over time and with bipartisanship, turn into a more perfect health care bill? i sure hope so. my pharmacy bills last year were over $50,000, no joke, so this really affects me.
  14. My Godfather was an aide to John F. Kennedy. He authored the campaign manual for the Eugene McCarthy campaign which in turn was used by the democrats to overtake power of Congress in the early 70's. I'm not going to name names after that because people are still alive. Politics has been a part of my upbringing since I can remember. I know quite a few people who ran for political office and every single one of them paid a very dear price. It is a very very very nasty business, with few honest people. Say what you say about Obama. Say what you say about the Republicans. My worry is that n
  15. how cool. thanks so much, baja...you are the best. this really made me smile and laugh!
  16. I would like the Crazy remix too, but I'd really like a good remix of Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me. I am hoping they revisit that one live this next leg of the tour.
  17. i should think a tad before i post. that would only mean one instead of three in a row. anyway....i just remembered...when they put out Whose Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses as a single, they put it out as a remix, not the original version. if you have the video dvd, you can hear that version on the video. I would LOVE to have that in my music collection. Please put on that one too!
  18. the Lemon remixes are great. I still dig that one out once in a while and I'm much more apt to put on the original version. loved loved loved the remixes on lemon.
  19. I want a really kick ass Breathe remix.
  20. i found someone, had a doctor's note and a copy of my disabled tag and got front row seats on Adam's side. how to find that person? i've no idea but i wouldn't let it go and i got a bit obnoxious so maybe that helped.
  21. Kristaps wrote: U2.com presale code didn't entitle you to perfect seats. It only entitled you to access them earlier. Next time take your time and look at the seating plan and see whether you have any possible obstacles n front of you. there is no way these people could have known the overhang would ruin their view. have some empathy. these people could not see any onthe claw/spaceship and the sound was horrendous. It's not U2's fault but they certainly have the right to vent. I'd like to see how you wouldreact if you were in the situation they had been p
  22. illumination70 wrote: Look on the "bright side" at least you can go to one of the shows. that is absolutely no consolation. this whole thing of, "you should be glad you just got to see them." has gotten very old. they thought they had great seats. those seats sucked, big time. i know because i saw them and immediately thought, these seats are unacceptable. i felt soso so sorry for the people who ended up sitting there for the show. those seats should have been dirt cheap. that's not U2's fault though....it'sthe venue and someone messed up on that one. sadly,
  23. I've said this in a couple threads now but it seems to bare repeating. IF YOUR SEATS ARE OBSTRUCTED....GO AND POLITELY COMPLAIN. Start with the usher,usually they can point you in the direction you need to go to find someone who will, most likely, help you. I was in the front row both nights, for differentreasons than a blocked view, HOWEVER; as the evening progressed, more and more people came into the front row. I talked to most of them and they had saidsomething about their seats having obstructed view...they got the front row. Those whom did not speak up....they had the seats they had. No
  24. Manohlive wrote: joshthetree wrote: i don't agree with the line "without this man there would be no edge". i think u r taking it out of context. this is the guy who invented the electric guitar. that's all. nothing more intended or meant. I accidentally deleted my post. Anyway, he was a great man. I got to meet him and play for him. I play classical guitar. I agree withBaja, without him there would have been no Edge.
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