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  1. The policy has changed from the time of the presale to now. I used to have the Sell option displayed, and now I don't. I got $100 seats in the presale that were pretty close to the $35 seats at the back of the stadium, hardly the 'best available' in that section. I managed to get better ones later, and now cannot unload the first pair. TM's site says if you see Sell displayed, you can sell the tickets on TM's site. But they've changed that between the end of the Wires presale and today.
  2. gaaa! I had the Sell option for a few days. Got mediocre seats the first try at the Wires presale, and then was able to get better seats later in the day. Now I want to unload the first ones I bought, but don't have the option to do it. While trying to re-sell on TM, I made it as far as entering my bank account numbers, but accidentally closed the tab. Now the sell option doesn't exist. So there have been changes to the policy from the time the tickets were bought until now.
  3. I didn't have a problem in the presale, but wasn't looking for good tickets so maybe that's the difference. I wanted $100 tickets, and got some. My first pair during the initial frenzy, than my second, better pair once I could choose them on a map.
  4. I sign up for this when a tour comes around. In Wires this time. The first frenzy had me with no buying options, but I kept trying. Then by 11:30am venue time there were tonnes of options. No problem at all. Throughout the day, lots of tickets, particularly GAs, were available. Most lower bowl stuff in Vancouver was sold out, but that wasn't where I was looking. I was looking at upper bowl $100 tickets. Super expensive for up there, but better than $285 in the lower bowl. RedZone was sold out before Wires I believe, not that I was in the market for that anyway. Happy with the experience. Makes me wonder why people wait in line for three days for public onsale tickets when they could just get in on the presale for $50 USD. Which is kind of steep for sure, but if you can afford it, why not?
  5. What bar did they hold it at last time around? It's a good idea. The GA line is a great place to meet fans, but you only meet the people on either side of you mostly I've found. For those too old for the GA experience, this sounds like a good option.
  6. I imagine tickets bought during the fan presales couldn't be put up before the public on-sale date and time. Once that time came, the tickets hit the market.
  7. That's a great jacket! If you're not going to wear it, you might as well try to sell it outside the show in the GA line! Someone in their 20s would wear that daily!
  8. I was way up in the stands, and wasn't fully looking, but heard a TWANG! and then saw people helping him up.
  9. Looking forward! I'll be in the first row of upper bowl, as close to the next price tier as I could get. I've had GA for two shows, Vertigo and 360, but I can't stand in line all day, and then all show, like I used to. This will be concert number 5 for me. I don't live too far away so we'll walk to this show. This thread makes me appreciate how far some people are coming from.
  10. Did you have two pre-sale codes? How did you manage to get a total of 8 tickets, before selling the first four back to TM? Because I was a moron and so excited to get tickets this morning I accidentally purchased a second u2.com membership. It was included in the transaction on Ticketmaster. Almost bought the second memberhsip myself, when I bought by 3rd and 4th tickets after the initial rush, but the price didn't look right. Glad I read your post first, so it was in my mind somewhere. Backed out just in time. I was clicking fast as you do in these desperate times!
  11. I've been to Whitecaps games at BC Place, and U2 360, before the renovations. Not my picture below, as I'm on the left, inside the ellipse I think we called it. Have any of you been to a concert at BC Place more recently? How are the acoustics? I have upper bowl tickets this time around and hope the sound doesn't bounce all over the place up there. I don't buy expensive headphones so I'm not the type of person to notice minor things. Photo found http://static.panoramio.com/photos/large/34306182.jpg
  12. I GAd for two tours, but at 35 I'm too old now! Saw lots of GAs available for Vancouver in the Map View a few minutes ago, dark blue indicating lots of availability.
  13. Did you have two pre-sale codes? How did you manage to get a total of 8 tickets, before selling the first four back to TM?
  14. Nice, thanks for the tip! I'm in Vancouver, but happy to know they're re-releasing. Maybe that will happen here too.
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