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  1. 45305 - I'm doing the triple bill tonight as well. 9 hours in a cinema, gonna be good!
  2. 45286 - I now feel more of an exhausted, frustrated but unsurprised anger. Like...again? 9 years of Tory damage on display for everyone to see, headed up by a prime minister who hides in a fridge to avoid questions, and...we voted for this again?
  3. You know what's weird about this last show? It's not just the last show of the tour, it's U2's last one of the entire decade. What a decade it's been.
  4. 45279 - I seriously hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the exit poll is forecasting the biggest Tory majority since Thatcher. I am shaking.
  5. Good morning from the UK! Hoping to actually tune into the show this time round, haven't followed this tour that closely. EDIT: Oh. Just seen that it was only the one show.
  6. Looking at the photos, it's weird to see such a huge towering stage in such a small venue. And yet, in the shots taken from close to the stage, it makes the arena look a lot bigger for some reason.
  7. So...the gist I'm getting from the announcement is that U2 are announcing their own radio station. Anyone else reckon that's the case? I'm a bit confused. Elevation was awesome though. Haven't been following this tour as closely as I'd like to be.
  8. 45253 - First day of December and guess who's already failed Whamageddon? Also, happy 2nd anniversary Songs of Experience!
  9. 45203 - I'm highly envious of all who got Shadow Man and MacPhisto in the same night.
  10. Hang on...Shadow Man AND MacPhisto in the same night? NOW I'm jealous! Also, amazing to see EBW and LIBTAIIA in there. Good to see Innocence & Experience being partially incorporated into the Joshua Tree shows. Also...just watched the recording of One Tree Hill posted above. That was emotional.
  11. Sad that I'll be at work while the show's happening, but looking forward to coming back here tomorrow evening and reading all the posts!
  12. Also, whatever happened to just showing up on the day of the show? None of this "check in three days before" nonsense. As Canadanne said, on I&E I had no problem simply rocking up at 2pm and joining the line, but on TJT and E&I it was all wristbands, sharpies... That said, I'm gonna go ahead and start the GA line for Mumbai right here, right now. I'm numbers 1-170, everyone else needs to check in at Brighton pier in the UK 15 days before the show. (I'm not actually going)
  13. It's made it to news websites now. https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/music/117202408/new-zealand-u2-fans-livid-with-internationals-over-general-admission-system-in-auckland-gone-rogue?cid=facebook.post What started out as a cool fan thing has mutated into a sense of entitlement and a way to game the system. Venues need to grow some balls and draw a line in regards to this. I saw Muse at the O2 in London a couple of months ago. I arrived at the GA line to find a group of fans writing numbers on people's hands as they entered the line. At one point venue staff came and said this was unofficial and therefore they as a venue would not recognise it. A few people got upset but I applauded internally. More venues need to follow that example.
  14. 45193 Chilly but happy counting. It's really cold outside - sitting here in three layers while I wait for the radiator warm up properly. BUT no deal Brexit has apparently been taken off the table, and now there's an election on 12 December which means we may have the chance to get rid of the Tories good and proper!
  15. 45178 - Just watched El Camino: A Breaking Bad movie and I'm at a loss for words, other than to say that Aaron Paul is the man.
  16. 45172 - First bit of counting from my new flat!
  17. It's amazing what some powerful billionaires who don't want to lose their tax loopholes can achieve isn't it? (Yeah, that's partly what Brexit is all about) We've had a hat trick of dreadful prime ministers with Cameron and May previously and now Boris is by far the worst I've ever seen. I have hope that things will change soon, because he got absolutely roasted in the Commons the other day.
  18. Nice! Something similar happened yesterday here in Blighty when the Supreme Court ruled that the prime minister's proroguing of parliament was illegal!
  19. 45137 - Reflective counting as I listen to Songs of Innocence. Happy belated 5th anniversary!
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