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  1. 44944 - Returned from Berlin just over an hour ago! Had a wonderful time and got to see lots of sights and eat lots of awesome food. Took a trip on the U2 underground line and got a look at the outside of Hansa Studios as well!
  2. 44937 - Excited counting as I’m off to Berlin for the weekend tomorrow! Might actually catch a glimpse of Hansa Studios this time round!
  3. Okay, so Joshua Tree shows after all. This is just going to make me nostalgic for The Joshua Tree show I was at now! What I do hope for this is that they find some way to fit SOI/E tracks into the set as well, because they’ve only done those songs in the US & Europe (unless you count Best Thing being played on The Joshua Tree tour in South America). One thing I also noted from u2songs was “we have been told the band will start work on a new album after this tour.” Even more good news!
  4. 44926 - Early afternoon counting. Brighton is currently buzzing as The Great Escape festival kicks off today!
  5. Eh? I've checked all of Noel's social media & websites, newest updates are relating to his new single/EP, nothing about U2 on there at all. EDIT: apart from this. Posted purely for laughs. https://www.nme.com/news/music/noel-gallagher-says-hed-choose-bono-to-help-him-get-rid-of-a-dead-boy-2483918
  6. 44913 - Half nervous and half happy counting as I try to avoid Game of Thrones spoilers while not having to worry about Avengers: Endgame spoilers having already seen it!
  7. 44903 - Feeling empty and defeated after a horrible Easter Sunday shift at work today. I don't know why I keep having these episodes of just feeling terrible about everything, and it scares me.
  8. 44901 So much sunshine today. Wish I'd been at the beach and not at work!
  9. 44889 - So I see Julian Assange (WikiLeaks founder) has been arrested. Now let's see what happens next and what this is about. I don't know what to think of anything.
  10. U2songs have compiled a list of all the rumours & info they have. Latest update comes from two days ago. Not Innocence/Experience or Joshua Tree apparently. https://www.u2songs.com/news/rumours_nz_australia_asia_u2_tour_in_2019
  11. 44867 - Funny, I've found a compilation for that. Ordaaaaaaaah
  12. Sad to hear indeed. I've got some friends who were in a band that supported The Beat a few times when they came and played Brighton. Apparently he was a friendly guy full of advice and wisdom.
  13. 44858 - All the aboard the late night counting wagon! Been demoing song ideas at home today, felt like I've made this afternoon and evening count.
  14. 44854 - He was, just a bit ruffled & shocked I think.
  15. 44851 - Scary stuff for sure. My local MP got attacked today.
  16. Not a recent RIP, but remembering Chester Bennington on what would've been his 43rd birthday.
  17. 44826 - Feeling a little bit weird. Must've been all those pancakes from yesterday...
  18. 44823 - Sad counting after hearing of the death of Keith Flint. Rest in peace you twisted firestarter.
  19. Absolutely gutted to learn that Keith Flint has died. I saw The Prodigy twice a few years back and those were two absolutely mindblowing shows. Rest in peace you twisted firestarter. 🖤
  20. Possibly. At the end of the E&I tour it was reported that U2 have asked their crew to make time for the second half of 2019, which apparently will be for some Aus/New Zealand shows (https://www.u2songs.com/news/ready_for_whats_next), AND, according to latest rumours, could be Joshua Tree shows. https://www.atu2.com/news/article/rumor-u2-to-bring-joshua-tree-tour-to-oceania-this-year.html
  21. 44808 - Went out for a stroll along the seafront earlier as the sun was out and it wasn't freezing cold. I felt good. 😎 Then, of course, I remembered that the reason the weather's like this in February is of course global warming. 😶😶😶
  22. Listening to Summer of Love and Red Flag Day right after The Blanket of Night by Elbow. The Blanket of Night came out on their album The Take Off and Landing of Everything in 2014 and touches on the same things - it's about a refugee couple on a boat sailing away from whatever hell they've left behind to a new home. Turns it works well when followed by Summer of Love and Red Flag Day.
  23. Someone did actually make a video to mark his passing - but it's incredibly respectful. It contains clips from many of his other movies. I always found his performance of Hitler in Downfall to be something truly incredible; it was like he was being inhabited by him.
  24. 44786 - Can feel one coming on myself. Half term next week too so gonna be swamped at work. This is gonna be fun... 😶😶😶
  25. 44777 - Of course it took me until Valentine's Day to realise just how lonely I've been lately. Been slogging non-stop at work over the last two months which meant I didn't get to see any of my extended family over Christmas and barely any of my immediate family. Barely seen my friends at all lately, and of course on today of all days I'm seeing couple photos plastered across my entire social feed. Half my friends at my age are either in a solid relationship, engaged or having kids, and of course I just have to sit and see all of it.
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