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  1. Listening to Summer of Love and Red Flag Day right after The Blanket of Night by Elbow. The Blanket of Night came out on their album The Take Off and Landing of Everything in 2014 and touches on the same things - it's about a refugee couple on a boat sailing away from whatever hell they've left behind to a new home. Turns it works well when followed by Summer of Love and Red Flag Day.
  2. Someone did actually make a video to mark his passing - but it's incredibly respectful. It contains clips from many of his other movies. I always found his performance of Hitler in Downfall to be something truly incredible; it was like he was being inhabited by him.
  3. 44786 - Can feel one coming on myself. Half term next week too so gonna be swamped at work. This is gonna be fun... 😢😢😢
  4. 44777 - Of course it took me until Valentine's Day to realise just how lonely I've been lately. Been slogging non-stop at work over the last two months which meant I didn't get to see any of my extended family over Christmas and barely any of my immediate family. Barely seen my friends at all lately, and of course on today of all days I'm seeing couple photos plastered across my entire social feed. Half my friends at my age are either in a solid relationship, engaged or having kids, and of course I just have to sit and see all of it.
  5. 44766 - I know the feeling. I'm currently have to look for jobs as my current one isn't giving me enough hours to sustain a living. The constant cycle of rejection is getting me down. 😞 You're not alone.
  6. 44729 - Happy post-subscription renewal counting!
  7. Got two big ones in the books for June, both in Brighton. First up, Interpol at the Brighton Dome on 26/06, and then Bloc Party playing their debut album Silent Alarm in full at the Brighton Centre on 29/06!
  8. 44666 - Happy 50th birthday Dave Grohl! Cranking a bit of Foo Fighters & Nirvana to show appreciation.
  9. 44652 - Oh man that's sad to hear. Gonna miss shouting "COME ON MURRAY!" and "YES MURRAY!" at the TV when Wimbledon's on. Wish him all the best.
  10. One of the most dramatic live tracks from the band I've ever seen, especially so early on in the show.
  11. 44612 - Counting while indulging in my Christmas chocolate (and albums I got as presents) and battling bad wifi.
  12. 44611 - A belated Merry Christmas to all who count on this thread, and all who don't!
  13. 44601 - Speaking of my job, just found what might be my favourite quote from Bono - "Just don't p*ss off the pizza man -- you're going to depend on him!"
  14. 44597 - Another day of me and my colleagues battling the Christmas rush. Given how much people spend at this time of the year I'm surprised anyone has the money to come and eat at Pizza Hut!
  15. 44588 - Counting down until this drone operator at Gatwick Airport does the honourable thing and turns himself into the police. I'm not currently due to fly anywhere but I have a friend who's affected. I feel for everyone at the airport, including staff who must be stressing out big time right now.
  16. 44559 - Trust the scientist of the band to be at an awards ceremony for scientific endeavours!
  17. 44557 - May has now called off tomorrow's Brexit vote in Parliament. What a coward we have for a prime minister, almost as cowardly as Cameron.
  18. Thanks! Both went pretty well, should hear back from them by the end of the week.
  19. Just found out I have two job interviews lined up tomorrow!
  20. 44541 - Not even Bono can talk sense into a Tory. Particularly not one as bloody-minded as May.
  21. Music video for Red Flag Day being premiered tonight apparently as part of the 24 Hours of Reality event regarding climate change.
  22. I keep recognising links between tracks on SOI & SOE that I hadn't made before. It was only recently that I finally made the connection between California and Summer of Love. Just yesterday I also finally realised that Volcano and The Little Things are two sides of the same conversation.
  23. Last time they did this (with U22 for the 360 tour) the gift the year after was Edge's Picks - some of his personal favourites that didn't make U22. Do we reckon we'll see something similar in 2020?
  24. Oh yeah, and I'm just gonna bring this back.
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