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  1. 44766 - I know the feeling. I'm currently have to look for jobs as my current one isn't giving me enough hours to sustain a living. The constant cycle of rejection is getting me down. 😞 You're not alone.
  2. 44729 - Happy post-subscription renewal counting!
  3. 44666 - Happy 50th birthday Dave Grohl! Cranking a bit of Foo Fighters & Nirvana to show appreciation.
  4. 44652 - Oh man that's sad to hear. Gonna miss shouting "COME ON MURRAY!" and "YES MURRAY!" at the TV when Wimbledon's on. Wish him all the best.
  5. One of the most dramatic live tracks from the band I've ever seen, especially so early on in the show.
  6. 44612 - Counting while indulging in my Christmas chocolate (and albums I got as presents) and battling bad wifi.
  7. 44611 - A belated Merry Christmas to all who count on this thread, and all who don't!
  8. 44601 - Speaking of my job, just found what might be my favourite quote from Bono - "Just don't p*ss off the pizza man -- you're going to depend on him!"
  9. 44597 - Another day of me and my colleagues battling the Christmas rush. Given how much people spend at this time of the year I'm surprised anyone has the money to come and eat at Pizza Hut!
  10. 44588 - Counting down until this drone operator at Gatwick Airport does the honourable thing and turns himself into the police. I'm not currently due to fly anywhere but I have a friend who's affected. I feel for everyone at the airport, including staff who must be stressing out big time right now.
  11. 44559 - Trust the scientist of the band to be at an awards ceremony for scientific endeavours!
  12. 44557 - May has now called off tomorrow's Brexit vote in Parliament. What a coward we have for a prime minister, almost as cowardly as Cameron.
  13. Thanks! Both went pretty well, should hear back from them by the end of the week.
  14. Just found out I have two job interviews lined up tomorrow!
  15. 44541 - Not even Bono can talk sense into a Tory. Particularly not one as bloody-minded as May.
  16. Music video for Red Flag Day being premiered tonight apparently as part of the 24 Hours of Reality event regarding climate change.
  17. I keep recognising links between tracks on SOI & SOE that I hadn't made before. It was only recently that I finally made the connection between California and Summer of Love. Just yesterday I also finally realised that Volcano and The Little Things are two sides of the same conversation.
  18. Oh yeah, and I'm just gonna bring this back.
  19. Honestly, I feel like this album has been an essential piece of the puzzle that is the last year of my life. I'm still holding out hope that The Little Things comes back into the set on future tours!
  20. Happy 1st anniversary to an album that's already shot into my top 5 U2 albums.
  21. 44487 - Thinking of all retail employees currently trying to survive Black Friday. Obligatory reminder to be nice to the people in uniform when rushing to get your hands on that 0.01% discounted 40" TV.
  22. In a way I feel like all the last three tours have been essential to each other. Had the band not done the full Joshua Tree tour and kept it to just a few shows as originally planned, they wouldn't have made the decision to remove all trace of the album from the EI setlist, which would've ultimately made it a different show. That said I feel like The Joshua Tree tour became part of the whole story rather than just an intermission - it was a big moment in the band's history and stands, in my opinion, as a major plot piece on the road from innocence to experience and back. Ultimately I've come to the conclusion that the majority of voters are going for and gone with EI - but equally I have to acknowledge that without IE and TJT30, EI wouldn't have been the show it was.
  23. Anyone watched this video on the band's Instagram? I was having an okay day, then I watched it, and now I'm a mess.
  24. 44444 - I was having an alright day. Then I saw this video and now I'm a mess.
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