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New Members Introduction Thread


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Hi everyone! I'm not new here, I just don't post much. I've been a U2 fan for about 25 years, a superfan for the last 13 years or so after seeing them live for the 1st time on the Elevation tour. I've seen them a total of 5 times and I'm really looking forward to the new album and tour. I plan on posting on here a bit more as I'm not happy with the direction that my current U2 forum is taking.

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Hello - I'm brand new to this site and am keen to find out about a rumour I heard that U2 might be coming to Victoria, BC, Canada prior to their world tour.  Can anyone let me know how I might be able to verify this?


I've been a fan for as long as I can remember - I love the music (especially the older tunes) and especially love the spokesperson and catalyst Bono has been and is for humanity.  I can't imagine the amount of pressure that man must carry knowing the influence he carries wherever he goes - on that note, no one is perfect and I don't agree with every initiative he's taken but I am impressed with what he's accomplished (and will accomplish!) in his lifetime.  

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Run......run away and never look back its too late for some of us but save yerself.... but if you could kick a few do-gooders on the way out that would be cool ;-)


OK I took out murder jeezo lol



t's a very good place... don't pay atenttion to basher

Yeah don't pay attention to the bad man ;-)


(I'm right though lol)





Love it...




Howdy!  My name is Allegra...really.  I live in the big-ass state of Texas.  I never voted for George W. Bush.  I've been a U2 fan since the mid 80's...a casual fan until I finally saw them live for the first time ever during the Elevation Tour after 9/11.  Since then I became obsessed.  I've seen them live 10 times and met Bono once.  I've been a Zootopian member for almost 12 years...a paying member for 10 years...just gave them...no sorry...I just gave Live Nation my annual hard earned cash this evening to stay in front of the presale line...let's see here...(computing)...that's...HOLY SH!!!!!  I'm a math teacher by day...so yeah...don't mess with me!  I try not to think how much $$$ I've given to this crazy band.  Maybe it's because of all the awesome friends I've made here...friends for life...and that to me is priceless.


But yeah...what Basher says...your life is over as you know it.


Allegra out  



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