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  1. As confirmed by Gavin Friday on the latest clip for U2.com, the song is called The Kingdom (no other info as yet)
  2. Worry ye not! As each live show for the tour gets underway, we are moving all threads, live pics, audio and video streams into this forum, the free part, so that everyonecan follow, join in, view, comment, and enjoy. Straight after the show, the thread will then get moved over to its' new home over here in the 'U2360 Shows' area, in readiness for the next event. Enjoy!
  3. Anyone notice that in the opening show on Tuesday, Sunday Bloody Sunday featured some subtle references to the political situation in Iran ? It was an Iranian-born singer, Sussan Deyhim, you could hear after the end of 'Crazy'before 'Sunday' began and the choice of green lightingseemed like a definite symbolic shout-out to the protestors in Iran ... who've made green the colour of their demands for new elections. Sunday Bloody Sunday has always been a song about peace but a quarter century after it was written seems like it's still taking on new meanings - evenbefore Tuesday's show, the
  4. Tinaburger wrote: Ragoo: no, only one page is missing, the rest of the thread is there. Baja girl: Please tell me that you are joking!!! I appreciate you trying to "teach me the ropes", but any forum where you get bashed because you post something that is not an apraisal of U2, is a sad one. If I had posted an insulting first post, insulting to people here or to the band, I could understand, COULD (again, that would be the opposite of free speech) but critisizing a paper cut out mask is unrespectful, a complaint??? IT WAS AN OBSERVATION!! It's
  5. Jason Steele wrote: Hey guys, Need some help here. I recently had a framed poster from the "All that you cant leave behind" tour I picked up in at the Dallas show several years back completely ruined. I loved the picture dearly and am trying to replace it without any luck. The top 4" are a black border with only the white letters 'U2" and the bottom half was just the same black border. The main content was the album cover from "All That You Cant Leave Behind".... Ive completely searched the internet and am desperate. If youve seen where I can pick this up please let me know....Id
  6. basher1 wrote: it's vanished why is that can someone please enlighten me. was it A) the htread was attacking bono there were some choice words expressed in it C) i pledged my undying love for Soup D) because the author of the thread didn't bother to check that the story was from 2007 and made a fool of themself by stating "im just back from africa having been at the TED conferance"..............wow 2 years to get back from africa which route did this person take???????? if you are going to BASH (no pun intended) Bono at least
  7. also, if you simply click on any members' name, then you will be taken to their profile page, and you will see an option on that page to send a message tothat member. Messages are stored in your MY HOME pages.
  8. pick yours here.... http://www.w3.org/WAI/changedesign
  9. In response to queries on how to change browser colour schemes to suit your own preferences here are some good tips: Changing text and background colour using Mozilla Firefox on a Mac Changing text and background colour using Mozilla Firefox on a PC Changing text and background colour using Internet Explorer on a PC
  10. just a reminder to those who, maybe HAVEN'T read this announcement from Baja, let me again point you to it, if you are having problems accessing the paidsite: http://community.u2.com/topic/4032 "if you are STILL having technical problems, I need you to send me via PM the following information ASAP as we arestepping up the fixing (IF YOU HAVE CONTACTED ME IN THE LAST 72 HRS YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEND ME ANOTHER MESSAGE): 1. Login name 2. Display name 3. Contact email of account 4. Order # (on invoice sent) 5. Date and time of purchase 6. Exact problem (please be as succinct as
  11. Amber11 wrote: give the mods a break, believe it or not they're not omnipotent, all knowing powerful gods who can make everything perfect. i give the mods mad props.
  12. bigwave

    need help!

    Please read ALL - (from here) http://community.u2.com/topic/1564 IF YOU WERE A PAID SUBSCRIBER AS OF 3/08/09 YOU WILL BE IN EITHER DAY 1 OR DAY 2OF THE PRESALE. If you joined on 3/09/09 or after you will be on DAY 2 afternoon of the presale. 2)The Presale schedule is as follows: Horizon Group - Day 1, Tuesday 10AM (local venue time) Breathe Group - Day 2, Wednesday 10AM (local venue time) Boots Group - Day 2, Wednesday 3PM (local venue time) Presale for all groups ends on Day 3, Thursday 12noon (local venue time) Also, there is NO cut-off date for access to the pre-sale. I
  13. krull wrote: Hi followed the link for don valley Sheffield - clicked on the disabled seat section and it gives a phone number to phone so I called and was told by ticketmaster that they knew nothing about this and couldnt book the tickets can someone help - the only surgestion ticketmaster had was to phone on friday (well I'm glad I got a pre-sale code then) Hi Krull you may not have read it yet, but announcement on this was updated today here: http://community.u2.com/topic/1564 Quick update, we have heard from some of our disabled/mobility impaired
  14. sandri wrote: Dear team, You gave me a wrong access code my code begins with U2C and it should be U2A = HORIZON, because I have been renewing my account for years!! Please this won't give me permission to buy the first day! And I'm still waiting for my renewal gift (CD). Help please!! Hi Sandri please read this post http://community.u2.com/topic/3079 regards
  15. hi guys, it may be that your thread was moved or merged with a similar topic - for example, if it was presales/ tix related , have a look in the all about u2section and the presales merged thread there regards
  16. People do get frustrated, and impatient and worked up, when they feel that their issues are being ignored, but I can assure everyone here that mods and adminare working hard to help as many people as we can get sorted in as an efficient manner as possible. There is a lot of info within the announcements, which get regularly updated, and reading thoroughly can often address the problems that ya member may behaving, and point you to stickied topics where other users may be having similar issues, often with solutions offered by mods or other members. Of course there is always the contact form o
  17. FYI - This person posted a dozen or more of the same content in a short space of time, which is not the way to get people to try and assist, it only showsimpatience, and a lack of reading of the announcements and sticky posts in where to put your problems, so they can be addressed in turn.
  18. Please refrain from starting multiple topics with the same content. Please read announcements and post problems ONCE per problem in appropriate forum / topic Your multiple topics with the same content will be deleted regards
  19. 11th March 2009 - As of 17.15 GMT time Milan GA tix still available....
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