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  1. https://youtu.be/fbAnHskHdi Edge was on fire ... great loved the 80s U2
  2. Hiya how long does shipping take? Once you get email Mine took about a week, but that was shipping to and from the US. Shipping outside US probably takes closer to 4-6 weeks, but I can't give you a definitive answer. OK thanks for the info =0)
  3. Hiya how long does shipping take? Once you get email Hi, I had an email saying that they shipped on 6th August - I received my prints today, and I am in Germany. I also received a 5th print, of the Lyrics to "Ordinary Love" handwritten by Bono - what a lovely surprise! Anyone else here get the 5th print? Hi thanks very much for the info ... hopefully anytime now then ... cheers
  4. Hi still not received the prints for the resub in November 2015 ... any updates? Thanks Ps got email 28 days ago saying shipped. UPS link provided doesnt work.
  5. For #U240 can we post 40 U2 songs that day?
  6. Wonder when something will be announced? Theres two 'live' appearances announced, a new track by U2 played by a DJ. But nothing mentioned here yet. I am confused .com
  7. theres a thread started on that topic : subscription gifts 2016 - if you can follow same advice and keep us updated, sorry to hear this has happened... Okay thanks will do, no problem
  8. Well theres a surprise. Renewed for 2016 last December. Sent several emails to u2.com shop chasing prints up, I was assured I would receive and guess what plopped through the post today? Another flippin vinyl record. Is there an email complaints address to write to? Or do you have to fill yet another contact form in? Thanks
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