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  1. Got mine today in Belgium. Paid the bloody €20.53 though 🤬 But a very nice package!!
  2. Got my copy at FatKat Records in Antwerp. Best record store in town!
  3. DVD arrived today. Last status on parcelsapp.com was 'package arrived at international courrier (Belgium)' on 30. June.
  4. Mine arrived today in Belgium. I received the dispatch mail on 31. October.
  5. Exactly the same here in Belgium. As always, in the end everything works out fine. It will probably show up within a few days.
  6. It popped up this weekend, I guess. I got the mail on Thursday 31. October.
  7. There should be a link on your profile page.
  8. Still waiting patiently in Belgium ... no mail on the horizon ...
  9. I haven't received any confirmation mail. It should arrive soon, no worries.
  10. "Love is all we have left" and "The miracle (of Joey Ramone)" have been added as download.
  11. Just received my clear vinyl. Looks really great!
  12. I have exactly the same screen, ... BUT ... I think this is the case for everyone who already renewed. The keyword is: "IF you haven't yet subscribed ...". If you renewed and you have a confirmation email, there is no problem at all according to me. So sit down, relax, wait and enjoy ...
  13. The live i+e cd won't be shipped until spring 2019.
  14. I was also expecting the TMR session, but then, it's the Gavin Friday version of HMTMKMKM, which is pretty cool
  15. No email from Live Nation so far. Hopefully this goes a little bit smoother than the previous subscriber gift.
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