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  1. 1) U2 2) REM 3) Stone Temple Pilots 4) The Police 5) INXS
  2. Open with Magnificent or NLOTH. Close with 40, or Streets as Mr Fly suggested. How about 40 followed by Streets like they did on the Elevation in Boston DVD?
  3. It is THE song at a U2 concert (and there are many great ones). All you first timers, enjoy! The rest of you know
  4. Agreed. It is an amazing song. As mentioned above, check it out on YouTube if you haven't heard it yet.
  5. I wouldn't necessarily call any of these songs "underrated" since I'm sure there are a good number of fans who like them, but I alwaysthought Running To Stand Still, Kite and Miracle Drug would have made good singles.
  6. I like Boots too, but I just happen to like about half the CD more than Boots. However, that's due to NLOTH being a great CD as opposed to Boots being alacklustre song.
  7. I originally thought Boots, but that might be too obvious. Then I thought of NLOTH in a similar manner to Zoo Station opening ZOO TV. Now, I'm going withMagnificent. It's almost too good to be an opener, but that's not really a bad thing. I see one (maybe both) of Crazy Tonight and Breathe beingencores. Moreso for Crazy Tonight.
  8. Drop: Mysterious Ways, Elevation and Sunday Bloody Sunday Add: Even Better Than The Real Thing, Electrical Storm and Angel Of Harlem
  9. Good question! Boy-Out Of Control October-Gloria War-40 Unforgettable Fire-Pride Joshua Tree-Streets Rattle And Hum-Angel Of Harlem Achtung Baby-One Zooropa-The Wanderer Pop-Gone ATYCLB-Walk On HTDAAB-City Of Blinding Lights NLOTH-Unknown Caller
  10. 1) Achtung Baby 2) No Line On The Horizon 3) Joshua Tree 4) How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb 5) All That You Can't Leave Behind/Rattle And Hum (tie) Honourable mention goes to War.
  11. From a general public perspective, I'd say With Or Without You or Beautiful Day. WOWY because it was the first single from the album that REALLYestablished them to the public (N.A at least), and Beautiful Day because it was considered their "comeback", especially since Zooropa and Pop songshardly, if ever, get any airplay here Streets and Pride also rank high on the list.
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