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  1. New Members Introduction Thread

    Good call on turning this back to on topic, Manohlive. Before we do, as he said, GA is General Admission aka Floor Standing aka the hottest ticket to try to buy, but also one of the most affordable ones. Doing GA has been highly documented by this guy here: http://onlineonthehorizon.com/ga-guide/
  2. Zoo Xmas card exchange 2017 (Merged/All Info)

    Details will go out again in November.
  3. I'm sure you have already checked, but does your profile page show this: I have a friend who thought she had redeemed hers until the other day and when she went to look, she still had the redeem button. Again, just wanted to double check with you.
  4. Joshua Tree Download issue

    Try contacting them here (this was from back in the summer when some of the boxes were missing codes, but they should still be able to help you. Q - I have bought The Joshua Tree Deluxe Vinyl or Deluxe CD Box Set but there was no digital download code included. What should i do ?A - Any fans who did not receive a digital download code along with their physical purchase (CD & Vinyl Super Deluxe boxset only) should email FishersCustSvc@umusic.com or call 1 800 288 5942. A proof of purchase is required.
  5. where is my SOE cd?????

    No problem. Try using the link I posted above and have your order number available.
  6. where is my SOE cd?????

    Sorry you are having problems. However, since this is your first post, not sure how this is your 5th time contacting us. The shop orders are outside the Zootopian Moderators’ boundaries and you should contact through the shop directly here for help: https://u2.fanfire.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/Store.woa/wa/contactus?sourceCode=U2CFCMWWUSD
  7. Ireland

    Thank you. I felt like I captured the essence of Dublin in that photo. I still remember that misty cool day. I have a copy of it hanging in my den. I look at it a lot too.
  8. Stage set up

    Don’t think of it as looking at the back of their heads the whole time (and it won’t be the whole time); but look at it as seeing the arena from their perspective too.
  9. That’s fine for now. When we get it up, we’ll relocate it for you, if needed.
  10. As we have stated several times and per the FAQs: What is the status with the 2017 subscriber gift ? Following dispatch of initial orders, there were unexpected delays in production of the four 10” discs which form the new limited edition collection The Joshua Tree Singles Vinyl Collection: 1987 & 2017. Production is now underway again and dispatch of the gift will begin again in early February. We’ll email you as soon as your copy hits the post so that you know when to expect it. Don’t forget, qualifying Subscribers can download all 8 tracks today from the Account Info page.
  11. Even more Dublin shows?

    According to the news story announcing the last two, no.
  12. VIAGOGO - GA Legit?

    As you said, GA tickets are paperless for Dublin. Safe to assume those are fake tickets, I would think.
  13. Hi. The gift has not been announced yet. Keep checking back. When it is announced, we will post the information in here.