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  1. Just use a Windows phone to do the video feed. And shoot it horizonatally. It has superior vdeo anyway.
  2. Elevation Dallas II at Reunion Arena 2001-11-25 was a brillant show. Especially when Edge's guitar died and he had to switch out during Bullet the Blue Sky. I wouldn't mind seeing a show at that venue again.
  3. What boggles the mind is that they call this officail bootleg Another Time, Another Place when there are at least 3 to 4 bootlegs with the name already. Heck I have a vinyl bootleg that covers a 1981 London show (maybe this official bootleg, who knows) with the same name. If I hear "And we thought we were going to be Japanese tourists" then I know what show this is from. Right now u2.com are being coy about the date(s).
  4. Edge is always South. Have to advise you though, if you choose a rail on the catwalk or at part of the b-stage on Edge's side, Drew's camera will block your view at different times as it rolls on a track below the catwalk. There is no rolling camera on the North side catwalk which is where I ended up at Vancouver II. Vancouver I was pretty much GA research.
  5. There's no "right time" for something. I hope the band realize this before they lose any chance to actually play it live.
  6. They did a tour in 2012 to promote their new box set. It was exceptional. Fuckin awesome man,,,still not sure they came across the pond though for that...I remember being at Booth's feet when he broke out the megaphone and was wailing for 700 people..show was insane.... English bands are rough....they do the standard 10 city tour if your lucky over here...Still waiting for the Editors to come back, (guilty pleasure) never seen,......been through countless others, ie PJ, Ashcroft, etc...Same thing every time, IF you can get em to make the trip. Always so minimal and brief. Cheers They're working on a new album in between festival gigs this year. They have 20 tracks to work with according to Larry Gott's reports on the official site. So new tour in 2016 possibly. Hope they let me tag along as their concert photographer.
  7. Oh wow, hey man no problem. I remember the look of relief on your face. Thanks for the recollection
  8. I heard most people in Ireland don't go to U2 concerts, just folks from other parts of the world.
  9. Take care Baja, see you at some JAMES gigs in the future.
  10. How about speaking for yourself only? It's called the iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour. You know, to show off the album tracks from Songs of Innocence? Buy a clue.
  11. I LOVE Volcano, better than Vertigo AND Elevation. It even honors that October era sound. I would not miss Where the Streets. It doesn't have to be done every tour every night. Only the new songs deserve that for this tour. Afterall it is the iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour. And people WANT to hear the new songs live, well the ones who bought the album.
  12. Volcano should not even have to be mentioned. It should be part of every night's setlist by default. It a superior song to both Elevation and Vertigo. Has a dash of Achtung Baby and a dollop of October around 'A Celebration' time period. It's going to end up like 360 over time, they dropped: No Line On the Horizon Magnificent (last call was Philadelphia 07-15) Breathe Unknown Caller never played: Stand Up Comedy White As Snow Fez-Being Born I feel for the neglected songs. Come let's get you to a tribute band.
  13. California, because it sounded so good at Vancouver II.
  14. California, because it sounded so good at Vancouver II. They still play U2 on the radio?
  15. Edge could play both solos if he wanted. It's possible to make them flow together in the same song. I hum it all the time in the shower. Well not all the time...
  16. When visuals become more important than musical content it's time for a serious re-examination of what a musical act is doing. I remember Bono's quote from the Rattle and Hum Outtakes "F*** the film, I Will Follow!" Still no Volcano, Sleep Like A Baby Tonight or This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now. The songs should all be played until the end of the tour, then replaced or complimented by songs from eXPERIENCE. Maybe for now the tour should just be called the iNNOCENCE tour.
  17. Okay, time for another fantasy U2 setlist. The band have decided to shorten the concert a tad. California MOFO Seconds Cedarwood Road Please Song For Someone Iris Stories For Boys Volcano Silver & Gold Sometimes You Can't Make It North & South of the River All I Want Is You -break- Invisible Miracle Drug I Know I'll Go Crazy (album version) Hallelujah Here She Comes Your Blue Room Every Breaking Wave Raised By Wolves Drowning Man Lemon -break- With A Shout Rejoice Miracle of Joey Ramone Love & Peace Or Else Playboy Mansion So Cruel This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now Sleep Like A Baby Tonight Troubles Bad Songs soundchecked: Three Sunrises, Indian Summer Sky, Shadows and Tall Trees, Two Shos of Happy, Fortunate Son, Paint It Black, Dancing Barefoot, Stay.
  18. I didn't go all the way to Vancouver to watch TV. So not seeing the screen much didn't really bother me. Being up close was the experience. And the crowd energy behind me and across from me.
  19. Well Larry hated the whole No Line On the Horizon era so he'd not be the one to get an agreement from.
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